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We Built the BEST Gaming Facility in the World! (MILLION DOLLAR TOUR)

100 Thieves photo 1 We Built the BEST Gaming... 100 Thieves photo 2 We Built the BEST Gaming... 100 Thieves photo 3 We Built the BEST Gaming... 100 Thieves photo 4 We Built the BEST Gaming...

When Nadeshot walks out at the end, with everybody cheering...man. Who knew a kid making CoD videos on YouTube would be doing this at 27 years old?

by Cole Topham 3 months ago

Nadeshot: we have the best gaming facility. Tsm: We bout to end this mans career.

by Justin Chen 4 days ago

Ninja: my streaming room is ultimate

Nadeshot: hold my facility

by Rock hard 2 months ago

This man really had them build a Red Bull desk dispenser lmao

by Divine 3 months ago

The streaming rooms need windows. For the streamers mental health.

by Bunndog 2 weeks ago

Whos here after tsm announced their 50 million dollar gaming facility?

by Storm8919 5 days ago

TSM: I’m About To End This Mans Career

by Soxify 1 week ago

Who's here from the BTS parody video? 🤔

by FaFa Ralph 2 months ago

My mom: "Gaming gets you nowhere"
Me: "Hold on"

by Playground070 2 months ago

This is me giving my friends a tour of my gta ceo office

by Jacob Warde 2 months ago

Is that MrSavage’s streaming room?

by Vegard 73hrs 2 months ago

Imagine being apart of 100THIEVES. Dope clothes, insane building to train and vibe with everyone. A lot of money. That's awesome
Rate: 10/10 hmu 100T 😉

by IconTM 2 months ago

But now TSM was like nah we have the best costing at 50 million

by Tam Ly 1 week ago

This is inspiring and depressing at the same time

by HEXi LuCiFeR 2 months ago

Welcome to the 100 thieves ACTING compound.

by Austin Manning 2 months ago

It's official. Gamers give the most awkward interviews

by Louis Woodward 3 months ago

He said “welcome to the entertainment hub” dude every corner in that building is an entertainment system on it own

by TastyFanpop 2 months ago

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