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First 2HYPE Team to WIN in WARZONE WINS $10,000

2HYPE photo 1 First 2HYPE Team to WIN... 2HYPE photo 2 First 2HYPE Team to WIN... 2HYPE photo 3 First 2HYPE Team to WIN... 2HYPE photo 4 First 2HYPE Team to WIN...

A random person who likes this comment will be a billionaire.

by LAZΞR 3 weeks ago

Respect to the editor, imagine the amount of work required to make this video with all the different perspective changes.

Use the like button as a thank you to the editor! (I’m not talking about my comment)
Wow thanks for the 86 likes I haven’t gotten this many before! Hey you guys we’re supposed to like the video not my comment 😅

by Luca Spencer 2 weeks ago

This is how many people think 2HYPE is the best group/channel ever

by Robert Perry 3 weeks ago

Mopi's destroying everyone whilst being chill af

by NeverEatenCake 3 weeks ago

As soon as I saw cash drop shot I was like “he a veteran”

by Sway Clan 3 weeks ago

Y don’t they ever show Kristopher until like half way the video

by Pablo Gonzalez 3 weeks ago

Jessie said “we are gonna win first game” me “the length of the video says otherwise

by Knight Squad 3 weeks ago

Why is zack so focused. His eyeballs are popping out

by Yung lit 3 weeks ago

Who else has been fans of 2hype when 2hype was only Zack, Kris, And Jesser?

by Lebrondranes 23 4 weeks ago

this is what cash said "I got three kills baby" while downing a player, he then dies and cash goes "I got 4 kills baby" lol

by Flowxrz FC 3 weeks ago

“THEY GET $10,000” the screen: “$1000”

by xPiggitox 2 weeks ago

After dying in the gulag


Absolutely everyone: WHAAATTTTT!!!!!

by Ken Pascual 3 weeks ago

When Kris said "this is gonna get messy" in his army accent while parachuting into the jail with hella heads there....... I felt that.....

by Dustin Cole 3 weeks ago

When it comes to war zone....

Nobody’s laughing at mopi

by Fried Rice 4 weeks ago

Jesse: who ever wins gets $10000.

Screen: $1000

by Matthew Bailey 3 weeks ago

Ok, what editing software do you use, because im trying to do youtube and i really want help by getting a good editing software.

by MagMA 3 weeks ago

Game: has aim down sights mechanic

2 Hype: Hipfires everything

by Bmrice23 1 week ago

Can we just give credit to who ever edited this video?😂

by Jamar chery 6 days ago

The best moments in the game where when cash was raging hard

by Jeremiah Smith 3 weeks ago

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