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50 Cent Defends 6ix9ine Snitching & Explains Hate For Son Marquise

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50 Cent Defends Tekashi Snitching & Explains Hate For Son Marquise
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ALL URBAN CENTRAL photo 1 50 Cent Defends 6ix9ine Snitching... ALL URBAN CENTRAL photo 2 50 Cent Defends 6ix9ine Snitching... ALL URBAN CENTRAL photo 3 50 Cent Defends 6ix9ine Snitching... ALL URBAN CENTRAL photo 4 50 Cent Defends 6ix9ine Snitching...

I like how the interviewer is actually letting him speak and not try to cut in all the time.

by Lostintkyo 3 days ago

He didn’t defend it at all, he just spoke the truth. 6ix9ine just broke all the records. The new fans don’t care about all this shit. 6ix9ine will continue to be successful for a while until ppl get bored of him.

by Charlie Bronson 2 days ago

The title is misleading he never was defending him snitching he was asked does he think he can still be successful click bait at it's finest

by King Shabazz 2 days ago

"If it rattle like a snake, if it slithers like a snake is it a snake? Or do you need to be bit? "

by Nigel Lewis 1 day ago

Key words to the whole interview "How Long Can You Love Something That Dont Love You Back?" And that goes for every and any relationship in Life

by Bam Bam RoddyO 1 week ago

50 is only obligated to pay child support when that’s done he doesn’t have to do anything else

by stefanie buissereth 1 day ago

He’s right to a point but at the end of the day that’s his dad . Him being grown why would he take a picture with premes son ? Before that It coulda been fixed but preme put a hit on his dad and tried to kill him. So for him to say he doesn’t love him anymore bc clearly he doesn’t love him it’s bc he gave his son everything he didn’t have

by korine martinez 2 days ago

Son is going to be a wreck when the money runs out... and it will... then he’ll go crying back to his dad

by Moldygreenbean 2 days ago

50 is 100% in touch with reality...he has zero hesitation in expressing himself honestly. it's a great trait because he can move on with this life, while other people pump fake.

by Kevin Schart 2 days ago

50s son took a picture with the son of the guy who shot him 9 times to enrage 50, how can you expect him to care about that man.

by Kieran A 1 week ago

He don't owe tre 9 loyalty, them boys were switch action like railroads...

by Jean Edmonds 2 days ago

50 is a very wise man. I'd be honored to hear his perspectives on everything.

by Tremane Tucker 2 days ago

When 50 was starting off he was bringing this youngin everywhere. He was taking him on video shoots and introducing him to everyone. Babymomma overvalued herself and they split. Then she wanted thousands on a monthly basis which she spent on shit like bags and shoes -Not the kid and then started talking shit into his ear and that's the result. A 23 year old confused nigga a mommas boy believing his father is the monster who doesn't love him. He got what he wanted, his daddy got enough of his shit.

by sddas asdasd 2 days ago

I blame 50’s child mother because she turned her son against 50. I hate those selfish mothers who turn their children against their fathers. 😡

by SuzyQ 4Real 1 day ago

The main problem in a lot of these situations is. The mom is not telling the child. Hey, you can love me and still love your dad even though me and him don't speak.

by Dre Dre 5 days ago

Babies and children need their mothers, adolescents and young adults need their father

by Knavar 1 day ago

"Most of the consumers of hip-hop in america need someone to drive them to the mall, they can't even get in trouble. Hip-hop let's them go on a safari, to understand the slang and the culture, to get next to the animals without being in danger"

i haven't listened to 50's music, but this man is clearly smart af. that was a cool analogy

by K K 1 day ago

Marquis motivation comes from his dad and his dad playing like he don’t know shit.

by SNOW MAN 1 day ago

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