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Dating a Gold Digger (Part 2) | Anwar Jibawi

This was filmed before any quarantine and we respect social distancing.
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Anwar Jibawi photo 1 Dating a Gold Digger (Part... Anwar Jibawi photo 2 Dating a Gold Digger (Part... Anwar Jibawi photo 3 Dating a Gold Digger (Part... Anwar Jibawi photo 4 Dating a Gold Digger (Part...

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by Shots Studios 1 day ago

Adam: She's digging she a gold digger
Me: Adam u can't get a man

by Robbie Reeton 1 day ago

When your friend tells you right but u don’t listen...

by Trap Høuse 1 day ago

adam is that friend who is friendly loyalty to his friends

by CJ DM 1 day ago

When Girl said : "Im Fine"
You now something is wrong
When Girl said : "Trust Me"

You Know You're Dead

by syeth mujahid 18 hours ago

Anwar is a tough guy
He is not afraid of anything
Not even the corona virus
That's why I see his videos

by ROAD FRAGGER 1 day ago

" she's a gold digger she's literally digging"

😂that had me dead😂

by Monika Rivas 23 hours ago

"He's a tutor" but he is not in school🤣🤣🤣.... everyone needs a fren like Adam

by Cupcake Campbell 1 day ago

:54 she is literally digging for gold

by Corey Ware 1 day ago

The way she walks away after saying “your gonna kill it” had me dying 😂😂

by Precious Johnson 1 day ago

Anwar Jabawi can keep everyone watching entertained throughout the whole video. I wish I could do the same in my videos.

by The Cryptic Kid 22 hours ago

"who's next, that's a picture of you " I died

by Juan Delgado 1 day ago

“She’s a gold digger”
“Nah, she is not”
She started digging 😂

by aabc ddd 1 day ago

"This is our pool boy"

Adam:"There isn't even a pool here"

by That Guy 11 hours ago

"She ONLY takes EVERYTHING if I die in an accident" 😂😂

by VOJIN VOJIN 1 day ago

"iMmA bE oUt iN tHe yArD,diGgIng cAuSe I loVe tO dIg"😂😂🤣🤣

by Dora the Clown 1 day ago

She literally looks like the mask of the 1st purge, it’s so scary

by Aluminide 15 hours ago

Plot twist : adam was actually planning with her to do this

by camilio B 1 day ago

"Shes. A digger she LiTeRLyDiNGing"😂😂😂

by gam_er lamek 1 day ago

Adam: “She is a gold digger”
Anwar: “You say all my girlfriends are gold diggers”
Me: “All of your girl friends are gold diggers 🤣😂

by Pro101 1 day ago

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