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Global coronavirus cases surpassed 400,000 - BBC News

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Global coronavirus cases surpassed 400,000, according to data collated by Johns Hopkins University. Almost 17,000 people have now died, while more than 100,000 have recovered
Italy reported a jump of 743 deaths in the past day - 141 more than Monday
While the number of deaths has risen, the number of new infections appears to be slowing down
India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has imposed a nationwide lockdown in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
The restrictions came into force at midnight local time (18:30 GMT) and will be enforced for 21 days.
"There will be a total ban on venturing out of your homes," Mr Modi said in a televised address.
He appealed for people not to panic - but crowds quickly mobbed stores in the capital, Delhi, and other cities.
Correspondents say it is not clear how - or even if - people will now be allowed out to buy food and other essentials.
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BBC News photo 1 Global coronavirus cases surpassed 400,000... BBC News photo 2 Global coronavirus cases surpassed 400,000... BBC News photo 3 Global coronavirus cases surpassed 400,000... BBC News photo 4 Global coronavirus cases surpassed 400,000...

400,000? Mate. More like a couple million, considering thereโ€™s hardly any tests going on

by The Kobster 05 1 week ago

As a Canadian nurse Iโ€™m honestly terrified of whatโ€™s to come.

by Jen 1 week ago

seriously that is the only photo BBC could show when they talked about India? shows the bias these western news channels have for eastern countries

by Dhirendra Gokarn 1 week ago

When I watch the president speaking, I feel like watching a comedy.

by Shieh Jimmy 1 week ago

Covid19 treatment and test is free for all in Ireland. This country is not big or a super power but can take care of its people.

by Shams 1 week ago

If Trump ever gets diagnosed with coronavirus: "I have the best coronavirus in the world, is wonderful" ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

by J Ganer 1 week ago

??? where is the 1st man who was the host of the news feed, I really liked his style, certainly hope he is well !

by sue canada 1 week ago

"As we reach the end of our historic battle..." There isn't a molecule of this man that lives in the present reality.

by 1 Hour Escape 1 week ago

The illegal wildlife trade, unsanitary conditions for animals etc in China, should've been banned and enforced since, at least, after the SARS outbreak.

by BroncoBillieBeastie 1 week ago

Itโ€™s sad when the leader of your nation is speaking and you just think, โ€œwhat is this moron saying right now.โ€

by Groomed Hippie V 1 week ago

He surely loves his Easter lol

by eric131313 1 week ago

My concern is that we are still not testing everyone. Only symptomatic people with KNOWN exposure to positive patient!!

by heidigib01 1 week ago

Weโ€™re nearing the end are you kidding me

by larry miller 1 week ago

Trump has lost his mind.

by Lee Mack 1 week ago

The main disadvantage of paid healthcare is revealed during a pandemic

by Khaltar Togtuun 1 week ago

My mom:This is all because of your goddamn phone

by PD _732 1 week ago

As we come to an end of this pandemic?? Wtf we are not even close to the end, this is just the beginning...

by joshua simpson 1 week ago

Just curious where is the man who usually does this reporting and what is his name? I have not seen him recently...

by Allen Trias 1 week ago

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