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See what Fauci thinks about Trump's plan to re-open country

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President Trump said he wants the nation "opened up and just raring to go by Easter". Infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, gives his take at the coronavirus task force briefing.
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CNN photo 1 See what Fauci thinks about... CNN photo 2 See what Fauci thinks about... CNN photo 3 See what Fauci thinks about... CNN photo 4 See what Fauci thinks about...

I'm in the midwest. Our numbers are low because WE ARN'T TESTING!

by Mel K 1 month ago

"There are large sections of the country with very few cases. "


by Deeplyrootedtarot 1 month ago

This President don’t care, don’t even know what his talking about.

by Jr Jr 1 month ago

Dr Fauci, literally was like “we just spoke in the Oval Office and said...” at that point I knew he was fed up.

by Markel Limbacker 1 month ago

what metrics and data will you be looking at...."we're looking at a lot of things"...thanks for the clarity

by Kyle Cook 1 month ago

Dr Fauci is wondering how he can get through this one without making trump look like a bigger idiot that he already looks like. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE

by Faye Mccaig 1 month ago

How Moronic "Because it's a beautiful timeline!" We don't need a president that is living in a fantasy world! We need Real World Action, NOW!

by Budgeting Dawn 1 month ago

Question: "Hey Biff, do you understand English?" Answer: "Beautiful language, the best language, very best language.." Question: "Why don't you understand what the question is being asked?" Answer: "No one understands the question better than me. I mean, I understand the question better than the questioner understands it. I understand it better than the Republicans and Democrats. I understand the question better than CHINA. I am making tremendous answers to the questions." Question: "Then why don't you make like a tree and leave?"

by angelino z 4 weeks ago

His terminology is insanely ridiculous. “A beautiful timeline “, “a perfect phone call”

by Roy Shalev 1 month ago

Go straight to the Doc if you don't wanna hear the clown speak.

by Hydra Jerb 1 month ago

Let's just let Dr. Fauci and the experts talk only. Cut out the lies, false hopes and B.S.

by Skip Pruitt 1 month ago

Body language is the strongest language and can't lie. Thank you Fauci.

by beautybar27 1 month ago

Dr Fauci struggled to keep a straight face during this entire press conference.

by David Pandeni 4 weeks ago

What testing? There isn’t any in my county so no one knows how we are doing.

by Spyderred 4 weeks ago

Does he even know what he's talking about? God help us!

by GiGi 1 month ago

I can’t wait to read the book Fauci will write when this is all over.

by Casey BC 1 month ago

Sounds like he's going to sharpie that curve down.

by Ang Lovetree 1 month ago

"There are places with really low cases." Is this why we will open those places? Gotta make sure everybody gathers and gets this virus. SMH

by Flauritas 1 month ago

It’s the beautiful time?! That statement is supposed to be said by the virus , not you idiot!

by K KO-Punch 1 month ago

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