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7 Insane Life Hacks + Funny TikTok Pranks!! How To Make The Best New Candy Art & Ball Pit Challenge

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Learn how to make the 7 best new life hacks from TikTok in this funny viral pranks and candy art challenge! Plus try not to laugh as they turn their entire house into an insane giant ball pit!! Last time there was a crazy and surprising prank wars competition involving fake gummy food vs real food, slime dumps, and amazing reactions. Today brothers (not twins) the key bros compete to make fun Tik Tok food hacks, DIY spy blasters, and full at home room transformations. There is skittles popcorn, Dalgona whipped coffee, pizza using Amazon waffle irons, DIY Fanta soda ice cream, homemade Oreo ice cream bars with Hershey syrup, awesome do it yourself Walmart pressurized super soakers, and so much more! These epic hacks are guaranteed to cure your quarantine boredom better than rock paper scissors, hide and seek, or isolated 24 hour challenges. And try not to laugh at the end as Collins and Devan bite, taste, and try their creations. Trying and testing these foods are so much fun! It’s another awesome and amazing viral video in this satisfying comedy entertainment and easy tutorial life hack and prank compilation series. 
#lifehacks #tiktok #food #candy #pranks #ballpit #giant #diy #hersheys #amazon #walmart #foodhacks #artchallenge #viral 
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Snapchat: CollinsKey
Insta: http://bit.ly/1wMSMyu
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DevanKey
Snapchat: DevanKey
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Collins Key photo 1 7 Insane Life Hacks +... Collins Key photo 2 7 Insane Life Hacks +... Collins Key photo 3 7 Insane Life Hacks +... Collins Key photo 4 7 Insane Life Hacks +...

That hurt sooo bad!!!! Never using a sling shot again...

by Collins Key 5 days ago

Happy mothers day!!!! To everyone who liked this coment

by Ayala Klein 5 days ago

When Collins Key use the slong shot, he regret everything.

by Stephen Bato 1 day ago

Why is devan is so talented at art but collins is not I dont get it

by MM ZEYNEP 1 day ago

Collins: I figured it out!!!! “ 3 seconds later “ Collins:OOWWW Me: U good bruh?!?

by XYZPLAYZ 1 day ago

I wonder how long it took them to clean up the balls if you agree like

by puppy lover 1 day ago

It really looks like Collins is eating worms 😆 and Soil 😂

by Kiley Duke 1 day ago

is it just me or does devan kinda look like tom holland

by Shamaya Hanna 23 hours ago

When Collins puts the ice cream in the choklate bowl it lookes like he put strawberrys in a pile of poop

by ADTD Gaming 1 day ago

Did anyone watch Collins’s TikTok of him jumping in the ball pit 😂

by Lily mea Sedgwick 20 hours ago

Does anybody remember when collins was on americas got talent like if u do!

by XxSharky ShadowxX 5 days ago

i love Collins and Devan,but the only question im thinking is "Who is going to have to clean up the mess after ?" QuEsTiOn UnKnOwN

by Chloe Ewing 21 hours ago

YEET THAT'S WHY U NEED TO BE DEVAN well its a lil bit funny :D xD

by Zara Azman 1 day ago

when Collins shot himself it was the funniest thing ever i burst out laughing and ended up crying

by willow osborn 1 day ago

wen the first life hack came on, did anyone keep on staring at the fat squirrel

by jacky gachalife 1 day ago

i almost died when collins used the wiped cream

by cobaugh.2011 1 day ago

When they did the portal thing I said in my mind
Oh oh oh it’s magic ya know never believe it’s not soo~~
FYI sing it

by Galaxy Girl 1 day ago

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