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To My Best Friend, Corey La Barrie.

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Forever appreciated.
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Corey & Crawford photo 1 To My Best Friend, Corey... Corey & Crawford photo 2 To My Best Friend, Corey... Corey & Crawford photo 3 To My Best Friend, Corey... Corey & Crawford photo 4 To My Best Friend, Corey...

corey be like "no way ur filming a cnc video without me" and sended the ice cream truck 🥺

by Rita Batista 1 day ago

I didn’t really watch Corey as much as many others did but there was just something about Corey that reaches to you that’s unexplainable. When I first saw what happened I just remember thinking ‘that’s not real this is just a joke he’s not really gone’ then I checked everything I possibly could to see that this wasn’t real but the more I looked the more my heart dropped and I just started crying and now every time I see his name pop up I get teary because it’s so unfair that he’s gone!! Stay strong Crawford he’s still with you always, that ice cream truck was no doubt 100% him still joking with you trying to make you smile again. He’ll always be here with us that will never fade!! 💙💙💙💙

by Natasha T 1 day ago

The look in his eyes breaks me:( I have never seen him look like that before I’m so sorry Crawford

by Kayla 1 day ago

You don’t have to say he WAS your best friend, he IS your best friend and he always will be

by ItsaGrac 1 day ago

The facts that all of Corey’s friend considered Corey to be their “best friend” just shows what an amazing person he is. Although it was a joke to pick on Corey, you could tell that he really cared about his friends. It’s so sad.. see how many lives he touched. Corey, I hope you know how appreciated you are and loved you are.
And Crawford, we love you. Thank you for opening up to us like this and showing yourself at your most vulnerable moments.. thank you. We will help hold each other together. We are here for you Crawford ❤️

by chrissy garcia 18 hours ago

the way how crawford is trying to smile while talking about how corey is irl but his eyes didn't really changed that numb look from the start of the video.. 💔

by lowkey mune 1 day ago

Corey is probably telling all of the other angels to get in a half circle so he can throw it back for them😭💙

by Helle Johansen 1 day ago

A wise man once said, "No one's ever really gone."

by Arthur Morgan 1 day ago

The people that dislikes this video... You are literally heartless.

by Nay Koala 1 day ago

Corey is such a one of a kind dude. It still feels unreal but we will continue Corey’s legacy & i hope to live more like Corey, living in the moment, being a genuine friend, goofball, and being your true self. Heaven gained a beautiful soul. I respect you and all the friends who are putting their thoughts out there and sharing their stories with Corey even tho times are tough rn. I love how Corey is even sending out the ice cream truck to ruin the moment hahaha he will always pull pranks on u guys 🤍 stay strong Crawford, we love and appreciate you!

by Natalie Perez 1 day ago

the ice cream truck touched me after reading jcs tweet

by Brianna Chau 1 day ago

My heart felt heavy watching this, but then I started giggling when the ice cream truck kept coming back and I thought "I'm pretty sure that ice cream truck is Corey" and then you said it.
I just want you to know I watch you guys just to get an extra little laugh in for the day. I'm a mum from New Zealand and have a completely different lifestyle to you guys, but I still somehow manage to feel connected. Corey is so lucky to have a best friend like you, I don't think he would ever want you to forget that. High off the ccs baby

by Chloe Kenny 1 day ago

Crawford, Not a lot of people have the nerve to cry on camera and speak your heart out. Hold on tight boo, it only goes up from here.

by Dalia Rivera 1 day ago

OH NO !1 I watched everyone in this whole “group” since I was like 13. The connection all of you had was so strong and I’m so sorry one had to leave but I truly believe he’s still with you! I love all of you guys so much and you’re right, he will never be forgotten.

by The Duo Vibe 1 day ago

I truly believe that ice cream truck was Corey. He's chilling up there looking down on his best friend going "come on man cheer up I'm still here! ay, let me add some jokes into your video" He will be adding light into everyones lives for as long as we are still here and making half circles with all of the angels in heaven! We love you Crawford, stay strong for him xxxxxx

by Amy Johnson 1 day ago

There’s a lyric that I heard when you were talking that goes “you don’t get to die until you get it right” Corey got it right. He’s added positivity to so many peoples lives and he’s finished his mission on Earth. That’s how I like to think when things like this happen ❤️

by Lopez 1 day ago

Im assuming the dislikes are from people who had too many tears in their eyes and couldn’t see straight😩

by Rayven Champagne 1 day ago

The last time I saw my best friend she had spent the night an went home to do laundry and was coming back for lunch...She took.a nap an never woke up😐 they never leave you sweetie...their physical may but their spiritual remains true ...the hurt will subside over the years an turn into life lessons an happy memories...he is always with you in dreams,smells,deja vu...look for the signs an visions baby ...he lives within ...God bless an remember you are loved on this side an the other🙏

by Belladonnasmoon Stardust 1 day ago

My best friend was shot in high school by a deer rifle at point blank range. It was over a girl. My best friend was murdered because the girl he was hanging out with had a boyfriend who didn’t want her to hang with him. He didn’t need to die over it. We were 17. It was the hardest time in my life and I am so so so SO sorry for your loss. Losing someone so close to you is never easy. Corey was an amazing Person.

by Juicy Janelle 1 day ago

I really feel like that ice cream truck was a sign from Corey just adding a little bit of sweet humor🤣🍦💙

by Girly Girl 1 day ago

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