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Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar (Official Video Teaser)

Harry Styles photo 1 Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar... Harry Styles photo 2 Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar... Harry Styles photo 3 Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar... Harry Styles photo 4 Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar...

I played this song while showering earlier and came out cleaner than ever

by William Dallaire 4 hours ago

no one:
no one:
Harry: walks in for .1 second
YouTube: 2 on trending

by kayla colbert 3 hours ago

me when Harry sits down: TaLenTed, BriLLiAnt, iNcRediBle, AmAzing, shOw StoPping, SpEctAcular

by zainab naeem 4 hours ago

Production: "Oh no, we're on lockdown, we can't shoot your MV"

Harry: "Okay, let's go to my island then."

by Pink Guy 4 hours ago

literally nobody:
not even harry:

us: let’s get a table trending

by ItzJasmine 3 hours ago

Literally nobody:
Not even a single soul:
Harry: let's make everyone survive their quarantine

by Fardina Yeasmine 3 hours ago

harry: appears for a second to sit down
me and the rest of the harries: INSERT UNHUMAN NOISES

by devilishood 4 hours ago

Harry: voy a hacer un vídeo de 1 minuto en el q me siento en una silla

by Angelina Casadidio 3 hours ago

this is how social distancing looks like

and then, the angel comes alone because there's no human in the beach or any place outside of house. the angel get chill he deserves

by gita lynch 3 hours ago

JAJAJA estupid, pense que iba a cantar

by Sissi Garcia 4 hours ago

No one:
Literally no one:
Not even Kevin:

Harry; oh lemme sit on the on a chair to break the Internet.

by R A I D E N 3 hours ago

The fact that our fandom is freaking out over harry sitting down at a table is hilarious to me (no hate Ive been freaking out too)

by Maddie Boulos 4 hours ago

can we just talk abt how good he looks in that shirt, like “don’t blame me for fallin’ “

by Jenna Lynne 3 hours ago

literally nobody:
not even harry:

us: let’s get a table trending

by YOURNAME 2 hours ago


by Charlotte marie xo 4 hours ago

The dislikes are from the people who really don't like watermelon...

by Momi RK 4 hours ago

2010: 1D What Makes You Beautiful (Malibu Beach)
2020: Harry Watermelon Sugar (Malibu Beach)

by Aaron Smith 3 hours ago

now... IMAGINE THIS: After Harry sits down, Louis, Liam, and Niall come to join him at the table.

by Arantza Millan 1 hour ago

Literally nobody
Not even a watermelon 🍉

Harry: breaks the whole internet by sitting in a chair

by A r y a M i s h r a 2 hours ago

Last night Liam came with his cookie dance.
Now Harry comes with his watermelon
Now its time for Louis to come with his eggs😎😎

by Avishek Pal 2 hours ago

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