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Unpopular Opinions: Beauty Brands That Fell OFF | Jackie Aina

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Hi boos! Today I'm going to be chatting about beauty brands that "fell off" and by fell off I just mean brands that's aren't talked about as much OR have strayed from their original brand identity as a whole. Please don't trash or harass any of the brands in question, this is meant to constructively critique brands that I already use and love!.
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No one gonna talk about urban decay.... they cling on to those naked pallets for their life.

by Katie McComb 20 hours ago

NYX is falling too. Let’s talk about THAT, their prices became higher when influencers started to recommend their products.

by Houlda Kinvuidi 18 hours ago

I feel like everyone is more focused on making their skin healthier and more “your skin but better” make up is more popular. Skincare has become really important to me these days ❤️

by Shanette Quao 15 hours ago

MAC were theee brand for dark skin girls back when everyone was was ignoring us. Unfortunately they got big headed and complacent. I will always go up for the Chestnut liner and Studio Fix powder, but that’s it. I also agree about Becca.

by Donna Evelyn 21 hours ago

Can’t wait to live in a world where Jackie Aina has her own brand.

by Zama Mdoda 19 hours ago

That hair, head wrap, and before the makeup is giving me Janet Jackson Poetic Justice vibes.

by blossombcwlove17 20 hours ago

MAC assistants giving all black girls NC45 foundation just told me they don't understand our complexion.

by Thandokazi Sineke 17 hours ago

The only time I’d look to Chrissy Teigan in the beauty world is if she did a collab with Beauty Bakery. Food = Chrissy Teigan lol

by Lo Sy'mone 12 hours ago

When you said ''Costumer service'' I just thought: This is a 100% true, literally im CHILEAN so from a totally different country and the costumer service sucks here too. I was just starting doing makeup and I went to mac and I hated it so much that I didnt buy anything at that time and I wont ever

by Paradisia 21 hours ago

MAC has fell off. I remember being 14 and looking for a red lip and the lady who worked there said that MAC doesn’t make red lips for people who look like me. I walked over to Sephora for my red lip and showed it off to her as I passed by the MAC store.

by Alexandra Davis 12 hours ago

I still feel that way about Mac: The people working there dont seem to be friendly :( I buy my Mac stuff onli e.

by ayla mrln 22 hours ago

MAC manifested their own demise when they started DISCONTINUING ALL THEIR GOOD PRODUCTS

by Laura Elisa 14 hours ago

"Bye. My Uber Eats is here." The mood of Quarantine.

by J Bowman 11 hours ago

“I don’t have a brand... 𝙮𝙚𝙩” 👀 I’m not here to say anything just document my observations🤣😘📝 love you Jackie can’t wait to see what you’ve got baking in the oven for us!!

by Nina Biondi 12 hours ago

I feel like theBalm and Naked also fell off. Five years ago, they were all everyone could talk about, now it’s like crickets.

by Louise Crystal 21 hours ago

what about Laura Mercier? I feel like they're a granny brand now

by Kimchilla 22 hours ago

I do believe that the beauty brands were kissing ass to certain influencers lol . Gerard cosmetics

by Tyrah Overton 19 hours ago

when auntie said color pop i wasn’t shocked i haven’t seen her do a review or talk about any of their products recently and she wasn’t lying about their chalk shadows

by Tatiyana Sutherland 22 hours ago

I think Becca stopped being cool when most of the kids realised their mums were buying it from QVC 🤣

by Tallis In Wonderland 13 hours ago

you should’ve used the products that you like from the brands that you talked about could improve!! that would’ve been so cool and would’ve given credit to the products they did great at while giving constructive criticism

by Nina Kato 21 hours ago

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