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BEST FRIENDS BUY EACH OTHER OUTFITS ft. Dolan Twins & Emma Chamberlain

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HI SISTERS! The SISTER SQUAD is back! Me, the Dolan Twins, & Emma Chamberlain all decided to buy each other outfits and see who's the best stylist! We gave each other makeovers that totaled to over $10,000! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!!
DOLAN TWIN'S VIDEO » https://youtu.be/USPDxWP5ozU
EMMA'S VIDEO » https://youtu.be/6gRtWVRbfJg
🎥 PREVIOUS VIDEO » https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFvCe...
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PRODUCER: Kelly Rocklein
EDITOR: Ryan Allen
WRITER: Eros Gomez
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

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James Charles photo 1 BEST FRIENDS BUY EACH OTHER... James Charles photo 2 BEST FRIENDS BUY EACH OTHER... James Charles photo 3 BEST FRIENDS BUY EACH OTHER... James Charles photo 4 BEST FRIENDS BUY EACH OTHER...

is anyone else watching all of their old vids during the coronavirus break lol

by avery campbell 2 months ago

the whole vid summed up

James shopping for himself

Grayson not understanding which gender of clothes James wears

Emma actually doing the challenge

Ethan focusing on pointy sunglasses

by Giuliana Giampa 1 month ago

Whose watching this during the corona virus outbreak, realizing this was the saddest breakup in history

by Harper Small 1 month ago

Remember when the comments used to always be about ethma? Now they’re all about wishing the sister squad would get back together and people asking who’s watching during the coronavirus

by Cheeky Bear 1 month ago

I hate that the sister squad no longer exists... it was the best friend group

by Joe Exotic 2 months ago

Person interviewing James: How many siblings do you have

James: 1 brother and 18.1M sisters

by Powerpuff Girlies 3 weeks ago

Hi I’m quarantined💩 use me as a “I hate corona” bottom

by Analucia Torres 1 month ago

“I mean...ANYTHING for YOU..ᴀɴᴅ ʏᴏᴜʀ ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀ“ tea.

by Layla Gamble 1 month ago

why did i just realize the guy singing in the background of is saying "she is talking to her phone" and is TALKING ABOUT EMMA. i literally have watched this video so many times.

by SiSTER SUCkED 1 month ago

my heart hurts knowing that this will never happen again :(

by jihan isabelle 1 month ago



by LIACOE LSASOUE 3 weeks ago

when ethan got emma he like tried to cover his face and he smiled so much

by Gianna Toomajian 1 month ago

no one talking about when james said “who killed it the most” ethan pointed at emma and she pointed at him 🥺🥺.

by its_modhi 84 3 weeks ago

"He kinda thinks about things"

-Emma Chambie

by Rune Magician 1 month ago

ethan is using the phone case emma designed :( i'm soft

by loren miranda 1 month ago

Guy singing: 🎶 She's talking into her phone, there she is 🎶
Emma: OhMaGoD the MuSic is sO LoUd, aNd sO rUde

by AJ Ruiz 1 month ago

damn , who remembers emma diy gucci shirt ? and now she can actually afford gucci. she came a long way

by coconut y 1 year ago

Ethan: “You have these???”
James: “Yeah...”
Ethan: “WE CAN TWIN!”
Grayson: Am I a joke to you???

by Olivia Godin 1 month ago

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