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Going To Work With My Dad For A Day (we demolished a bathroom 🤮)

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HI SISTERS! After teaching my parents Tik Tok Dances, my dad wanted to take over my channel and bring me to work with him for a day. My job is filled with glitz and glam, but his involves demolition, building, power tools, nasty spaces, and a whole lot more. In today's video, I go to work with him for a day and we demolish a bathroom. Enjoy as things get real messy.
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James Charles photo 1 Going To Work With My... James Charles photo 2 Going To Work With My... James Charles photo 3 Going To Work With My... James Charles photo 4 Going To Work With My...

James seems to have a really good relationship with his parents. It's honestly nice to see.

by FaZe Z 1 month ago

James: * more disgusted by the old wallpaper than the toilet wax

by Renata Navarrete 1 month ago

james' yt personality had a glo up......im kind of into this side of him

by Lily Anna 1 month ago

i can appreciate this wasn't a "screw around to force laughs" kind of video. james definitely seemed super focused and seems like he can learn new things quick.

by FishingtheSkyxd 1 month ago

Papa james : wearing normal clothes nor gloves.
James: covered in a full corona safety dress🤯🤯

by annaya henna 4 weeks ago

Imagine coming home and seeing James Charles demolish your bathroom

by hiy a 1 month ago

It makes me so happy to see parents accepting their kids

by N W 2 weeks ago

It’s scary how much James looks like both of his parents lol

by SimplyMora 3 weeks ago

No one:

Not one soul:

James: talking to a toilet saying, "Don't be shy, put some more"

by Mark Metcalf III 1 week ago


James Charles: no where near home,messing with toilets

by The King 4 weeks ago

Omg can we talk about how papa Charles bought James pink tools 😭😭❤️❤️

by Bailey Tobin 1 month ago

Imagine being at school and say:

Hey guys did you know james charles demolished my bathroom yeah you heard that right.

by Itz Gacha Julz 4 weeks ago

Imagine living in this house after James made it !

by Isabella Brown 2 weeks ago

James: Today we're going to be demolishing a bathroom
Also james: goes to the jobsite with his nails looking perfect

by Selisha Ali 2 weeks ago

Please someone edit this video with Mulan's song "I'll make a man out of you"

by A.P Miranda 1 month ago

Sometimes i forget that celebrities have parents who look at the hate their child is getting 🥺💔

by nora 1 week ago

James Charles as a kid: Makeup girl
James Charles as a middle schooler makeup girl
James Charles as a high schooler: makeup girl
James Charles first started yt: Makeup girl
James Charles now: makeup girl & worker

by Scary Gamer24 1 month ago

"that's clean water, it's just in a toilet bowl"
😂😂😂😂 Papa James is so funny too

by Kulabako Sweetine 1 month ago

“Normally I would take this downstairs in one piece but you won’t be able to do that so....”
james looking offended
I’m dying😂😂

by Holly Christian 4 weeks ago

“The bottoms are always a pain in the ass I would know”.

by Camryn Sylvestre 1 month ago

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