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HI SISTERS! Welcome back to another episode of Beauty Battles! On today's episode, Maddie & Mackenzie Ziegler compete to see which sister is the better MUA! We talk all things Dance Moms, Drag Race, being young & famous, and a lot more. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!
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James Charles photo 1 MADDIE & KENZIE DO MY... James Charles photo 2 MADDIE & KENZIE DO MY... James Charles photo 3 MADDIE & KENZIE DO MY... James Charles photo 4 MADDIE & KENZIE DO MY...

James:she thinks she’s a guru
Kenzie in her mind : he thinks he can sing

by lilxholly 8 months ago

Ok seriously stop leaving Kenzie out. That's so mean.

by Felicitee Rucker 2 weeks ago

I feel so bad for kenzie. She tries to talk but everyone ignores her. Awe

by heyitswillow 1 week ago

so the tittle should actually be: ignoring Mackenzie for 19 min

by Kylie Ayala 1 week ago

James:”so Kenzie you can sing?”
Kenzie:”uhm, yea-“
*Maddie interrupts*:”i can sing too!”

by Lisa Playz 2 weeks ago

Both are so rude to Mackenzie , specially James

One like =one hug to Kenzie
Omg thanks to all who liked

by nidhi james 9 months ago

Ok, James I love you ok so don't take this to offense. Kenzie was trying so hard to do your make up and she tried to hang with yall and have fun. The me point she looked like she was having fun and I'm not trying to assume (she might not have felt this way but ifor she did..) but she was trying to interact with you and you just blew her off and why wasn't kenzie in the picture. I know I'm really late but I've been grounded for a year so.. but still if you are going to collab with someone at least give them the opportunity to have fun and I know I'm only 11 but when you ignored kenzie it hurt my heart.
Thank you for listening,

by Reagan Robbins 2 weeks ago

James’s haters should be called step-sister

by Caitlin Forde 1 week ago

When ever kenzie talks about herself maddie has to try and act like shes better then her that's messed up

by Siennah Baza 1 week ago

James: She thinks she's a guru
Kenzie: he thinks he can sing
Also Kenzie: womp womp womp

by Amir Baby 1 week ago

Kenzie is excluded.
Not to mention Kenzie's side looks better

by B Alexa 1 week ago

James charles:talking to Maddie

Maddie:talking back to James Charles

Kenzie:just listining to them

Me:Ummmm guys kenzie is not invisible shes their like bruh

by Exploring with Bianca 2 weeks ago

This is how many people want Kenzie to be included


by The Loud Egan 9 months ago



James: Maddie, maddie, maddie, maddie

by SpaceFlowwers 2 weeks ago

I fell so bad for Kenzie they were leaving her out

by Lupita Sánchez 1 week ago

James: "she thinks shes a guru"
Kenzie in her mind: "he thinks he can sing"

by Zara Marissa's World 1 week ago

Kenzie “ so today I’m going to be this jackknifes hills pallete”

James and Maddie: “oh look at her trying to be a guru”

by Evelyn Brown 1 week ago

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