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Making My Own Makeup

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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I take you behind the scenes into a real life makeup lab to show you how all of our favorite products are actually made, and I learn how to make a full face of DIY makeup too! I really hope you enjoy this video, it's one of my favorites!!
❤️ Special thank you to ColourPop for partnering with me on this video and letting us in to see all of their sister secrets.
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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
WRITER: Eros Gomez
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

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James Charles photo 1 Making My Own Makeup James Charles photo 2 Making My Own Makeup James Charles photo 3 Making My Own Makeup James Charles photo 4 Making My Own Makeup

I am so proud of this video and am so sorry that it's late, there were lots of complications but I wanted it to be absolutely perfect for u guys!!! I hope u enjoy me being a sister scientist! :scream::lipstick:

by James Charles 1 year ago

* james make custom foundation shade for himself, guide by professional *
still not match :joy:

by Maulida 1 year ago

Whos here during the Coronavirus????🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐

by Kaylei Alicia-lynn 3 weeks ago

I dont understand how some people hate James he is so funny talented and sweet. Ily your an amazing person:heart::heart::heart:

by hi sisters• bye stepsisters 2 months ago

James: "I didn't make eyeshadow because I'm already familiar with the process"

A little hint that he was making a palette? We all overlooked that..

by BakuHotAsf 1 month ago

James: to all the companies that say “it’s too hard to make darker shades” you heard it here, it takes five minutes be inclusive

Me: sister shade

by Bree R 2 weeks ago

this video proves that there is no reason why brands cant have an inclusive foundation range :clap_tone3::clap_tone3::clap_tone3:

by karina chavez 1 year ago

They are trying to not give away the ingredients. By saying "Powder" and "Liquid".

by ArtsyMStudios 3 weeks ago

“Oh my gosh.. I can never do that again.”

*does it again*


by Joe Mama 2 months ago

No one:
Not a single soul:
Not even Flashback Mary herself:

James: ThAaAAtS EeeEEeeeVerYThiNg

by Red Gatcha 3 weeks ago

Who is watching in 2020

by Mickayla McNair 2 weeks ago

I feel like the reason why he’s trying to learn about making makeup is because he wants to come out with a sister makeup line... is there something you wanna tell us james

by slut god 1 year ago

Since there’s no school, can we call this road trip about making makeup corona school?

by Samantha Robinson 1 month ago

Me: James that’s a beautiful wing

James: this wing is gross i just ruined my makeup

by Amanda A 2 months ago

James: how much should i add?
The lady: 4 grams
James: how much is 4 grams
The lady: it's four point zero zero grams
this made my day:joy::joy:

by Maede Moahed 2 weeks ago

James twerks in the factory
People instantly look

by Sienna Solway 2 weeks ago

James roasting other companies foundation ranges for 5 minutes straight

by sally 1 year ago

"Pale and sad but good"

Mood. Just mood.

by Eden Cline 1 month ago

James: "I wish I didn't do that"

Me: "That basically sums up my whole life"

by Makenna Yeary 1 month ago

Me: YAY! science CLASS

by Horses_1233! 2 months ago

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