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Strangers On Omegle Pick My Makeup!

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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I logged onto Omegle and had strangers pick my makeup.... Let's just say... things got crazy. I hope you enjoy the video and the makeup products they chose! Do you want to see a part 2?
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

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James Charles photo 1 Strangers On Omegle Pick My... James Charles photo 2 Strangers On Omegle Pick My... James Charles photo 3 Strangers On Omegle Pick My... James Charles photo 4 Strangers On Omegle Pick My...

lets just talk about how the two boys that picked out his eyelashes didnt call him rude and ignorant words. i know that most guys would of said some homophobic comments and remarks. they were so kind and open minded

by nctina 1 month ago

Marco and the boys who picked the lashes are the most pure people ever oml we must protect them at all costs 🥺

by Sela Guajardo 3 weeks ago

Everyone’s talking about the guys who picked the lashes but what about Marco? He was a legend!

by IssyBananasXo 3 weeks ago

You cant lie....

You wish that Marco's safe through this pacademic.

by Kaitlyn Coffelt 2 weeks ago

I was dying when the kids called james a "she" lol.

by 4KT ForLife 1 week ago

I feel like the guys who picked the lashes are one of the only guys that actually don’t make fun of him for wearing makeup we need more boys like them 🥺🥺 ( AND MARCO)

by Maria 1 month ago

i wouldn’t be insecure anymore if james called me beautiful

by Nokia Megurine 2 weeks ago

"Marco is just happy to be alive, that's the energy we need in 2020"

by Tania Costa 2 weeks ago

Why is everyone making fun of James Charles? i never watched him, this is my first time, and he is SUPER sweet ad nice. I dont get it !

by Moonz_Lightz 1 week ago

Kids: “we’re picking his highlighter”


by Arturo Esquivel 1 month ago

Me just clicked the video:
Scrolling through comments:
Comment section: talks about Marco

by Kate Nicole 6 days ago

James: saying all the types of makeup
Me: I don't understand nothing about makeup 👁👄👁

by Tomato 1 week ago

Random girl:she is filming a yt video
James Charles mind:(bitc- did u just assume my gender 🤨😑😑)

by bts yoongi 2 weeks ago

James "Marco seems like someone who enjoys life"
Me "Marco seems like he's on drugs"

by Sarah Frazier 1 week ago

Kids “ we’re are picking his highlighter”
Mom “No YOUR NOT “

by Beautiful Aniyah 1 month ago

james: "Do you want to be in my youtube video?"
Two boys: YES I DO

by Sophie Zhao 3 weeks ago

THE FIRST GUY SAID “You want cannabis” LMAOOO

by mayoos 2 weeks ago

Those girls that called you “she” really said “shh he’s filming a YouTube video!”

by PMG AND FRIENDS 3 weeks ago

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