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Joe Rogan Reacts to Mike Tyson’s Return to Boxing

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People of the world: We need inspiration in a time of crisis.

Mike Tyson: Yeth

by Jose Amaya 3 days ago

Tom looks like hes about to rob a brunch-only restaurant.

by Relax Nation 2 days ago

This is like Kratos going back home to retrieve the blades.

by SilverZombie44 2 days ago

“I don’t care what anyone says, Mike Tyson is a pit bull that’s been trained to walk on two legs”

by Jax The Ripper 1 day ago

Tom looks like he’s too lazy to dress up for a western party but still wants to go

by Bobby E 2 days ago

Mike tyson looks like a real life black kratos comin back to slay dudes in half

by J Z 4 days ago

Tyson is hearing the ghost of Cus calling him.

by J. Santos 1 day ago

Most impressive and surprising thing for me is that Joe Rogan is in his 50s

by Jason Hunter 1 day ago

Mike Tyson comeback makes me want all “old”people to comeback. Let’s Gooo Jordan,Bolt,Tiger..

by armando chavez 1 day ago

Tyson will never beat Evander Holyfield,no matter how good people think he is....🤷🏽‍♂️

by DUKE DUKE 21 hours ago

Unk Shannon.. said it best...
“Who’s the fool getting in the ring with Tyson “

by Lebron Fame 3 days ago

Boxing needs this. If him and Holyfield start knocking dudes out it’s gonna be big for the sport.

by Kevin B 1 day ago

I used to say everyone's a gansta till Vader shows up.

Correction: Tyson

by Rocky Severino 1 day ago

his portrayal as a god of war is clever and deliberate. Wish him well.

by woiour loin 1 day ago

Joe Rogan: Mike Tyson for president. He's been consistent all his life: he's always been a boxer and he's always had a lisp. That's good enough for me.

by jack barton 2 days ago

Mike Tyson comes in the ring

Opponent: “Why do I hear boss music?”

by Oasis Orange 3 days ago

Evander Holyfield: I heard Tyson is making a comeback.

Holyfeilds ear: I didn't hear a thing?!

by Set Apart 1 day ago

They need to make a whole line up of sports where literally everyone is on roids. Let super humans with enhancements play sports. That would be great.

by Bubba Kushii 1 day ago

Imagine Hollyfield comes back too and get ear biten for the third time by Mike.

by Ion CASU 1 day ago

Mike Tyson is hungry like when he took that ear off. But now he's gonna knock ppls head off nickname should be guillotine 💯💯💯

by brian tyler 22 hours ago

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