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6ix9ine returns to Instagram and goes LIVE and BREAKS THE RECORD with 2 Million viewers watching!! He promotes his new single GOOBA, claps back at rappers, and explains why he snitched in court. Enjoy!

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King Jamal photo 1 6ix9ine Goes LIVE On IG... King Jamal photo 2 6ix9ine Goes LIVE On IG... King Jamal photo 3 6ix9ine Goes LIVE On IG... King Jamal photo 4 6ix9ine Goes LIVE On IG...

What do y’all think of his return? Still rockin’ wit him or naahh 👇

by King Jamal 1 week ago

I don’t know why but i have this feeling he’s gonna get killed.

by Anthony The Sheep 5 days ago

I hate why ppl have money they change and act like they better than everyone and I don’t understand

by Lesaria Barnett 2 days ago

I don’t like this dude at all but I’m getting scared something terrible is gonna happen to him

by WaruMano 1 day ago

Wait. “I did nothing wrong”. Hold on didn’t you commit those crimes too?

by Christina Montiel 1 day ago

Judging by his hair I’m guessing he is a fan of my little pony

by Random Potato 3 days ago

it was so big that seeing verified people was like normal people commenting

by Amateurz 1 week ago

The amount of verified people in that live is crazyyy

by Bella Ruizvlogs 1 day ago

what is so interesting about this guy...? he's only talking crap in this live stream lmao.

by Totoro :3 2 days ago

He’s selfish cause he put his whole family in danger not just himself

by DaRkMirRoR265 2 days ago

6ix9ine the type of dude to tell you "listen" 30 times while you're already listening.

by Flex Piper 1 week ago

This kid's arrogance & ignorance is off the chain 😂 Prison and that trial should've humbled this kid to the fullest but it made him dumber .
"Stop playin' wit' me-stop playin' wit' me" , Bruh you playing yourself . If you want to be a gangsta you deserve gangsta consequences . Only thing that makes me mad is hearing Rainbow Bright drop the "N" bomb like he a brutha .

by Rogerick McCullough 1 day ago

hard to listen him some trash talking.he's to small for his watches

by Comm4You TM 2 days ago

What if they kill his mom or daughter because of his actions! He is a sad individual!

by Julio Perfecto 2 days ago

Thats funny how everyone went quiet when 6ix9ine came back

by HorseAreeRed 1 day ago

Lil nas actually said “he be lookin kinda cute no homo” like bruh

by i_have_no_sul 1 week ago

Some brain cells just died while listening to him.

by C B 2 days ago

"What chu gonna when they come for you"
"I dont know snitch i guess"

by Zombiekillz 2025 3 days ago

I choked on my soda when he said that he cooperated with the government

by kenneth Lopez 20 hours ago

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