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When Our Generation Gets Old and Hears a Throwback Song 4

#Drip Or Drown Gunna #older vs. younger sibling rap battle #Savage Megan Thee Stallion #When Our Generation Gets Old and Hears a Throwback Song 3 #Comedy
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Kyle Exum photo 1 When Our Generation Gets Old... Kyle Exum photo 2 When Our Generation Gets Old... Kyle Exum photo 3 When Our Generation Gets Old... Kyle Exum photo 4 When Our Generation Gets Old...

Thanks for watching y'all!! And thank you so much for all the support through my college years!! Also, I'm keeping my word: 1M Likes and I'm responding to every comment 🙌🏽

by Kyle Exum 2 days ago

Grandma: “Back in my day this was our way to flex”🧻

Kyle:”are you okay”?

by jayjaycoolbroGamez 13 9 hours ago

“Did Mickey Mouse turn the clubhouse into a trap house”

Kyle exum

by Ameya Bhargava 8 hours ago

“tik tok. isn’t that a breath mint?”

“did mickey mouse turn the clubhouse into a trap house?”

“all that cappin’ is what made your hairline recede”


by Niggalodeon 11 hours ago

Kyle’s grandpa: have you heard of heelys?

Kyle: no what are those?

Kyles grandpa: they are shoes with only one wheel.

Kyle: oh so they are unicycle shoes

That made me laugh so hard.

by Alora Logan 8 hours ago

🧑🏽‍🦱: “sassy, moody, nasty~” that’s what y’all wanted to be?!
👨🏽‍🦳: ....yeah

by Mimi 10 hours ago

2020 kids: Damn grandma you guys didn’t have phones back then.

When they are a grandparent: Back in my day we didn’t have these 3D holographic tv’s, we had a Flat screen tv that was a 1080p ultra 4K display.

by DesireOps 9 hours ago

“Did Micky mouse turn the club house to a trap house?”💀💀💀

by Jack Benson 7 hours ago

I wouldn't call Meghan The Stallion "throwback" I would call it "throw it back"

by Cameron Grady 8 hours ago

"An apple a day takes your money away" awesome joke!
"Simp City"
"Did Mickey Mouse turn the Clubhouse into a Traphouse"!
This is the first video I've seen of this dude and hes pretty funny.
The bleach hint was a good one. "Well Kinda..."

by codee comah 12 hours ago

He’s the only Kyle that’s funny and that I don’t hate

by The k channel 8 hours ago

Can we all get him to one “1m likes he all ready has 201k in one day I know we can do this in a week

by CJP All The Time 10 hours ago

No one:
Kyle: so yall had unicicle shoes

by Kaka Kiki 8 hours ago

"Air b&b retirement home"?
Idk... he runnin kinda fast.

by SubUrbanSF 12 hours ago

“DMs dryer than your cooking” got me

by Krissh Raman 13 hours ago

“Did Mickey Mouse change from the club house to trap house?!”
I’m deaddddd 😂😂

by It'sJustMe 7 hours ago

“Is he having an episode again?” “A whole movie, doc.” Lol.

by Buckeye Fan 3 hours ago

“ it was the way she threw back her..... personally

by Madison Mcfadden 4 hours ago

Today we’re going to count down the smoothest things in history:

Coming up at number 10

by xd raikouu 4 hours ago

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