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Lance Stewart photo 1 I PROPOSED Lance Stewart photo 2 I PROPOSED Lance Stewart photo 3 I PROPOSED Lance Stewart photo 4 I PROPOSED

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by Lance Stewart 1 day ago

Plot twist: they move back to LA and quit YouTube and have kids named “Vine” and “Airhorn”

by Bryce Gillette 3 hours ago

Lance kids:dad when did u ask mom to marry

Lance:in quarintine kids

by cowskii 85 3 hours ago

He seems so much relaxed and happy , she’s so amazing and beautiful I can’t stop complementing then 😍

by Barbie N. I 3 hours ago

Imagine lizzy came out of nowhere with a butcher knife and yelled “LAAAAAAAANCEEEEEE!!!” like his grandmother

by Nicholas Rangel 3 hours ago

Me at Starbucks:

I'll have a Tall Ariana Grande...

by Simply-G ASMR 2 hours ago

I don’t even know those people but I’m still watching 😂

by Grace C 3 hours ago

Lance: WiLL YoU mArRy mE?!
Julia: aRe YoU SeRIouS?!
Lance: Nope there’s a camera 📷

by Ember Gacha 2 hours ago

I’ve been a fan for 2 years before the ninja cut finger thing and I’m crying of joy of your progress and ur getting married now congrats 🥺✌🏽💯

by Dorian Papi 3 hours ago

And in 4 months we’ll get the tearful “we got divorced” video.

God I hate youtube now.

by Quint 39 minutes ago

I remember watching this man when he was on vine and very young, now he’s getting married.. congrats 🎊🎉🍾

by Josfy 3 hours ago

Damm I was here when he started vine and now he’s getting married congratulations bro she’s a keeper bro

by jesus Hernandez 3 hours ago

Lance: getting married
Me: sitting in my moms basement playing fortnite.

by Clix Clan 3 hours ago

I can see the future pranks 💀 “ PrAnkIng MY Mom ThAt ShE’S pRegNat “

by Kimberly Valdez 2 hours ago

She will dump you within a year and then you'll come out of the closet.

by Otis Carter 41 minutes ago

Who remembers when he almost cut his finger off

by Vyperz YT 4 hours ago

So heartwarming even through the global pandemic...

by Daniel K 2 hours ago

I first started watching him like 3 years ago and now he’s married

by Carmel Washington 1 hour ago

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