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Is there ANY hope for game streaming? We tried them all.

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There are so many game streaming services popping up, with so many idiosyncrasies, that it’s hard to keep it all straight. In this video, James takes Linus through a tour testing GeForce Now, Google Stadia, Microsoft Project Xcloud, and Sony PlayStation Now to see which one makes the most sense...except we didn't try Shadow.
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Linus Tech Tips photo 1 Is there ANY hope for... Linus Tech Tips photo 2 Is there ANY hope for... Linus Tech Tips photo 3 Is there ANY hope for... Linus Tech Tips photo 4 Is there ANY hope for...

“Destiny 2 was included in this bundle”
Destiny 2 (w/out DLCs) is free

by Reece118Gaming 1 week ago

"It's the blacks that look the most different to me." - James

by Rigo M. 1 week ago

"I think 6 hours would be a reasonable time"

You have been playing for an hour. Remember to take a break from time to time.

by Ujiltrom M 1 week ago

Didn’t know “Playstation 1” controllers were supported for Nvidia Shield. Talk about backwards compatibility.

EDIT: thanks guys for the heads up. really losing sleep whether an actual PS1 controller works with the nvidia shield. I really should have put ":p" in there somewhere.

ALSO, they didn't mention Shadow PC. Shadow is king of cloud gaming. Its not just a program like Steam or Stadia where you can only play games. It is literally a Windows 10 gaming PC on any device. You don't dont need to re-purchase any games. If you had games on Steam, Blizzard, Uplay, or Epic, you just re-download those programs and re-install your library like normal. There are multiple tiers too. The 1st tier can do 4K @ 60fps, 1440 @ 120fps, and 1080 @ 144fps. Thanks for coming to my tedtalk

by Jamie Long 1 week ago

I love how James treats Linus like such a Boomer

James: shows remote control Ya know what this is?

by Ron Dela Pena 4 days ago

We need a blind test with people from the office deciding if streaming or local playing feels more responsive (obviously at same settings)

by keco185 1 week ago

"They're just trying to milk more money", that is exactly what the publishers/devs that are blacklisting their games from geforce now are doing since all your doing is renting a virtual machine on a server and using the steam game license you already owned so there is no reason to pay for the game again 😂

by Deathstranger 1 week ago

Shadow would actually be the closest to streaming a gaming rig as it’s just streaming a plain windows 10 rig

by Ryan Specter 4 days ago

Linus: "I think 6 hours is a reasonable length of time to be gaming at once"

those are rookie numbers

by Frank Woodson 1 day ago

"as a casual controller player that isn't a difference maker"
I'd like to disagree tbh

by SgtMaggi 4 days ago

Rocket League players:
Linustechtips joins the game
Linus' teammates: enjoy the loss guys!

by samysnes 1 week ago

I played GeForce One for months on a bad connection. It was so impressive, I’m glad they kept it beta for a long time to perfect it.

by Bob dabiuld 5 days ago

eyebrows tell everything

by 겜짱 5 days ago

"Destiny was included" wow, google was nice enough to include a free-to-play game for FREE?

by Zaleucus 1 week ago

Linus: "All these game streaming services work great on 10 gig internet"

by Danni Nicole Raine 1 week ago

I love how you have to have a Google pixel 4 for atadia on phone's

by william towns 4 days ago

, You can hear the click of the thumbstick, and then 20 minutes later the screen responds. lol

by davkdavk 2 days ago

A good thing to note with streaming any of these services to a phone or tablet: If you happen to be on a 2.4ghz connection, you will have a terrible experience when using bluetooth controllers. Normally bluetooth interference isn't such a big deal, but in this case it will render games unplayable.

by Bobby Mittendorf 6 days ago

Linus: "I think 6 hours is a reasonable length of time to be gaming at once"
Me: nervous laughter

by Lauri Konttori 1 week ago

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