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Explosion in downtown L.A. injures multiple firefighters

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An explosion in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday caused a large fire that quickly spread to several buildings and left multiple firefighters injured, authorities said.
The blast occurred about 6:30 p.m. at 327 E. Boyd Street, near Little Tokyo, according to LAFD. It sent flames and a huge column of black smoke into the air that could be seen for miles.
Bits of paper, like charred confetti, rained down on the neighborhood, according to some witnesses. The streets were full of onlookers who were pushed back by police and firefighters.
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Los Angeles Times photo 1 Explosion in downtown L.A. injures... Los Angeles Times photo 2 Explosion in downtown L.A. injures... Los Angeles Times photo 3 Explosion in downtown L.A. injures... Los Angeles Times photo 4 Explosion in downtown L.A. injures...

Fireman gave straight facts no bullshit like news media.

by rolla.18 S 15 hours ago

He was professional. Looks like some heros to me. God bless y’all.

by Florida Huntsman 16 hours ago

very understanding when the experts handle the situation
and not politics

by Juan Rivera 12 hours ago

This is how to give a press statement as a public official.

by R A I D E N 11 hours ago

Straight to the point with pertinent information presented in a well-organized manner. Kudos to this fire department captain for doing such a good job at this press conference.

by Cinders Vale 12 hours ago

I learned something today , butane honey oil is also known as “hash oil” cannabis resin ...

by 67buzzo 15 hours ago

"Smoke Tokes" and "makes butane honey oil" yeah it's a weed processing site

by Dumpster Jedi 16 hours ago

I'm getting military vibes from the fire captain, he sounds like a military man.

by Denise 16 hours ago

The media can learn something.. this us how people want the news. Real straight forward and factual.

by Justin 14 hours ago

The speech sounds rehearsed. It's darn perfect! Speakers need to learn from this guy. He actually knows how to give a press conference.

by larzuga1 16 hours ago

Give them heroes more money. They risk their life's everyday. They deserve it.

by Super Koba 13 hours ago

The LAFD are true heroes, unlike their boss and mayor...

by geo 455 13 hours ago

Friction: over the years there have been a lot of fires caused by friction between payment books and insurance policies! Just saying.

by Dwight Lyon 15 hours ago

Damn just when LAs skyline was becoming visible lol jk glad no one lost their lives.

by 91 Wildcat 700 16 hours ago

2020 will be everyone's top 3 worst years until they leave this world.

by Mr. bonus 10 hours ago

Gosh I live a block away and it was so loud! For a moment people thought they were hearing gunshots too.
The smoke shop behind it burned down a few years ago. They need to go through a few of these shops.

by Tara Role 12 hours ago

I’m wondering how hard is for a FireFigther to say “cannabis oil” in LA.

by YourUglygod 14 hours ago

Is it me or does it seem like a lot of these smaller businesses are catching on fire more an more?

by Ťhě Řûbý 15 hours ago

i was actually able to find masks and other PPE.. look on .. .. .. they are available

by Ali Z 12 hours ago

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