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Rappers React To 6IX9INE - GOOBA & Instagram Live (Drake, Snoop Dogg, Meek Mill)

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Ever since 6ix9ine was released from jail, we had all been waiting and anticipating for the “King of New York” to drop some new music. 6ix9ine would let his fans and everyone else know that he was going to go live on Instagram the same day everything dropped and he didn’t disappoint with GOOBA as many rappers reacted to this all unfold...
#6ix9ine #Tekashi #MeekMill
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Lyrical Central photo 1 Rappers React To 6IX9INE -... Lyrical Central photo 2 Rappers React To 6IX9INE -... Lyrical Central photo 3 Rappers React To 6IX9INE -... Lyrical Central photo 4 Rappers React To 6IX9INE -...

And just like that they all gave him more clout

by Jake Poll 2 days ago

6ix9ine: Imagine being this pressed, Nicki don't want you no more
Meek Mill: ...

by Kwame Zoe 1 day ago

Man snoop has no right to speak on this he snitched too so Idk why he’s so pressed on this

by -siGnOfFear 2 days ago

Lol all these hating rappers are just making him even bigger.

by Elix3r 2 days ago

Meek mill boss the c.o.o of rock a fella snitched on a whole cartel why don’t he speak on that

by MT MT 2 days ago

It wasn't a gangster move,but it was a smart one. Why should he be loyal to traitors

by Beiko Lattibeaudiere 2 days ago

Snoop was a rat lol There was no social media then

by Jiggahata1 2 days ago

People need to grow up and mind their own business. A lot of these rappers or Celebrities act like children.

by Jalen Simms 2 days ago

Most of these rappers wouldve probably snitched if they were in his situation

by creadious247 lim 2 days ago

why is snoop dogg calling 6ix9ine a rat when he's a rat to XD edit: WOW 1k ily guys thank u

by DeAngelo Johnson 2 days ago

People in the comments”snoop dogg snitch to” me going to look it up:sob::joy:

by Life with Areya 2 days ago

Six nine broke 2 records

Edit: 766 likes damn thx so much

by best waifu miku 2 days ago

drake straight up never went to jail so he needs to chill

by Xsara Grazy gamer 2 days ago

69 getting that bag and they mad :laughing:

by Chris Thomas 2 days ago

6ix9ine: Yeah I'd Be Mad Too :sweat_smile:

by Baba Yaga 2 days ago

Drake needs to shut up, he hasn’t ever been to jail or did anything illegal and he talking like he served 20 years

by Apollosgotwrinkles Gaming 2 days ago

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