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Eminem - Godzilla ft. Juice WRLD (Dir. by _ColeBennett_)

#Godzilla #Rap God #Juice WRLD #2020 #Entertainment
In Loving Memory of Jarad "Juice WRLD" Higgins
Lyrical Lemonade Presents.
Eminem - Godzilla ft. Juice WRLD (Official Music Video)
Director, Writer, Editor - Cole Bennett
VFX - Scissor Films
VFX Supervisor - Sam Malko
VFX Producer - Joe Grayem
Director of Photography - Taylor Randall
Steadicam - Renard Cheren
Executive Producer - Paul Rosenberg
Executive Producer - Salvatore Tarantino
Producer - Kathy Angstadt.
Producer - Jay Tauzin
Line Producer - Krista Worby
Gaffer: Ronnie Gotch & 7th Light Entertainment
Production Designer - Cody Fusina
Art Director - Rashi Jean
Production Manager - Henri Coleman
Key Wardrobe - Dawn Boonyachlito & Angela McBride
Key Groomer - Michelle Willis.
Background Wardrobe - Rasheeda Ameera
Background Casting - Mill Ticket Entertainment
Assistant Director - Bashir Taylor
Assistant Director - Kelo Thompson
Product Graphic Design - George Hammond & Jake Brode
Supervising Producer - Jake Wilson
Supervising Producer - Bernard "Buru" Niyonzima
Special Guest Appearances from Mike Tyson & Dr Dre
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Lyrical Lemonade photo 1 Eminem - Godzilla ft. Juice... Lyrical Lemonade photo 2 Eminem - Godzilla ft. Juice... Lyrical Lemonade photo 3 Eminem - Godzilla ft. Juice... Lyrical Lemonade photo 4 Eminem - Godzilla ft. Juice...

I refuse to believe that Eminem is 47 years old.

by Madara 2 weeks ago

I love how one Eminem offers whiskey to another Eminem

by SHREY PANERI 22 hours ago

The fact that they gave juice his little part at the end was very heart warming and it made me realize that rappers can be on the same “team” and it’s not all about violence and guns. Rest In Peace Juice.❤️❤️ 🔥

by Mike Hunts itchy 19 hours ago

Eminem 💖
-his wife cheated on him
-his mother hated him
-he was a drug addict
-his best friend died
-failed 9th grade 3 times and got bullied in school
-and now, he’s the most successful rapper of all time

by Aksel Lauritsen 7 hours ago

Can’t actually believe that we have Eminem, Dre, and Mike Tyson in a lyrical lemonade video

by Gavin Hatch 3 weeks ago

Oscars, Grammys: exists
Eminem: Guess who's back,back again...

by Novak Kuzmanovic 16 hours ago

No one:
Not a single stan:
Mike Tyson: "THLEEP THIGHT" 🎃

by Nico D 2 hours ago

Em: breathes

Everyone: oMg a EaSteR EgG!

by Popular Bean 4 hours ago

Dance monkey: "I made the weirdest video"

Eminem: "Hold my lego puke"

by vairoafam 146 14 hours ago

Can we take a moment to appreciate that Eminem made this MV on Lyrical Lemonade to pay his respects to Juice?

by LoLi Crinkles 3 weeks ago

5 reasons to hear this song are:
1: Eminem is the singer
2: A tribute to juice wrld
3: It reintroduced Mike Tyson
4: For the killing rap of em
5: For just fun and entertainment.

by Nazneen K 10 hours ago

”And I got no plans to retire
and I'm still the man you admire”


by Eminem 313 1 day ago

Em's mouth starting to move faster and faster.
Em's lungs: Mission failed, we'll get em' next time.

by ChristianRobloxianGuy 8 hours ago

Eminem is a guy who's bored breaking his own records.

by Achal Jain 2 weeks ago

Juice : Get introduced in the end

[Everybody liked that]

by Mihaela Calangiu 14 hours ago

Corona enters Eminem’s body
Corona: wtf, where are his lungs ?

by TheMusicGuy 16 hours ago

2013 Eminem : Breaks record for fastest verse

by Mohammad Saleh 5 hours ago

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