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Mariah Carey - All I Want for Christmas Is You (Live at The Tokyo Dome)

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Mariah Carey's official video for “All I Want For Christmas Is You” (Live at the Tokyo Dome)”
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“All I Want For Christmas Is You (Live at the Tokyo Dome” is a rare live performance by Mariah Carey from her 1996 live performance concert at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan.
Mariah Carey, The Queen of Christmas is celebrating the 25th anniversary of her iconic Merry Christmas album this year by releasing a 2-CD Deluxe Anniversary Edition for fans available now. The new deluxe edition includes the original album, plus a bonus disc featuring previously unreleased live tracks from Mariah’s 1994 St. John The Divine Benefit Concert, rare remixes, a brand-new, festive rendition of the Sugar Plum Fairy and additional seasonal tracks.
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Chorus, 'Cause I just want you here tonight
Holding on to me so tight
What more can I do
Oh, Baby all I want for Christmas is you
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She was so cute with her little shaking. She was stunning.

by B Lor 3 months ago

90’s Mariah Carey was gorgeous!

by Bryan G 3 months ago

Friendly reminder that this concert was in MARCH, and every concert she does in Japan she performs this as the encore because it’s her best selling song in Japan

by Josh E 3 months ago

Didn’t realise how radiant she looked in the 90s, a stunner for sure

by MarioMan99 3 months ago

I can't blieve this footage is from the late 90s it literally looks like it was shot yesterday, technically amazing

by Edward Seeber 4 months ago

It's a Christmas Miracle that this recording is so crispy clean

by Xervelgarde 3 months ago

You’re telling me that this was filmed in the 90’s? Holy shit

by Lambo-chan 3 months ago

It’s so weird to see such great camera quality when she was younger, it feels like this is a new star in the rise

by Nathan Lobdell 3 months ago

Japan was the first country in the world that recognized the supreme potential of this song when her Christmas album was released in 1994. In fact, this song became official single and was sold more than one million immediately once it was released, while this song was not released as a single even in the US at that time. That’s why she always put this song in her setlist in every her tour in Japan even in summer.

by Hiroshi Hasegawa 4 months ago

when the late 90’s cameras are better than coachella’s...

by callum 6098 3 months ago

When I was a kid, I used to think Mariah was too into herself and that she acted like she was the bomb. Now that I'm all grown up, I realize that she was in fact, the bomb. I mean shit, if I looked like her and had her talent. I too, would be feeling myself.

by Ever Changing 3 months ago

prefer the cute mariah carey then the sexy onee

by henkarars 3 months ago

90s Japanese camera was hella advanced

by Adani safira 3 months ago

The crowd that time has no idea that this song is gonna re enter the charts every year...

by Jose Tolentino II 4 months ago

Sounds just as good singing live as she does in the studio. Not many other artists can ever do that, in my opinion. MC is definitely ONE OF A KIND

by Kurt Davis 3 months ago

All i really want is "SAYONARA"
Im crying mariah ぴえん

by chane' disny 1 month ago

She might be called a Diva but no one could ever say this young lady doesn't have a amazing singing voice!

by Gwen30 3 months ago

5 octave voice, 9 octave beauty.

by Source Code 3 months ago

I am Japanese and I was there at that time. Happy to watch Mariah again !!!

by stickyas1 3 months ago

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