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Tana & Imari’s Vegas Trip Goes Scarily Wrong Ep. 6 | MTV No Filter: Tana Mongeau (Season 2)

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With Paris Hilton’s help, Tana prepares to launch her first perfume line. Later, when Tana accompanies Imari to their hometown of Las Vegas they are faced with an emergency situation they never could’ve predicted!.
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‘MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21' is the first installment of a new reality series following social media wild child Tana Mongeau and her crazy crew as they navigate vlog life, studio time, partying, and finally becoming adults. Watch the entire first season on MTV YouTube.
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MTV photo 1 Tana & Imari’s Vegas Trip... MTV photo 2 Tana & Imari’s Vegas Trip... MTV photo 3 Tana & Imari’s Vegas Trip... MTV photo 4 Tana & Imari’s Vegas Trip...

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by MTV 3 weeks ago

Us, tana’s fans: listen to Jordan he wants what’s best for you
Tana: no
Paris: listen to Jordan he wants what’s for you
Tana: omg you’re so right

by Ariana Gonzo 3 weeks ago

No one gonna talk about Imaris dad saying “I took the night off just to see you”🥺🥺🥺

by Cortnee Paulo 3 weeks ago

Tana is surrounded by “yes men” besides Jordan. That’s why she gets so mad at him and takes him for granted. Idc what anyone says, we all wish we had a Jordan in our lives.

by Meg An 3 weeks ago

The “so ghetto,” thing was super offensive. You had a two-car garage, honey. Some of us grew up much worse than that. Please don’t be so out of touch.

by zuygj bnsv 2 weeks ago

Wait... THAT'S the "ghetto" house that she grew up in? That's such a normal looking house. Its crazy how out of touch she is with her own privilege

by LavenousForever 2 weeks ago

Paris Hilton needed to say that to her. Tana wants to be a businesswoman without actually being or acting one.

by Toni Bell 3 weeks ago

how is “mtv editing her to look bad” when she’s literally SAYING THESE THINGS OUT LOUD

by C Hill 2 weeks ago

Tana literally blames everything on her parents, like girl take responsibility for you being the way you are

by Ruth R 3 weeks ago

“ I never wanna live like this again” to a house 99.9% of her viewers live in. So that just shows how she feels about y’all

by Meagan wright 2 weeks ago

Take a shot for every time she blames her family for her grown as woman behavior Lol

by Dive Oshin 3 weeks ago

Jordan : “Dont ruin your launch over a nose job”
Tana : “oMg StOp tRyInG tO cOnTrOl mY LiFe”
Paris : “Don’t ruin your launch over a nose job”
Tana : “Omg girl you’re right”

by Kassie Davis 3 weeks ago

is mtv holding episode seven hostage bc they're mad that fans aren't mad at tana anymore

by Leyana Lopez 2 weeks ago

When she’s saying bye to Jordan on the phone after the gun thing and she slips in the “thanks for coming to Vegas man” like girl stop the little passive aggressive comments he’s literally the only thing holding you together

by Sebreena Molina 3 weeks ago

She’s acts like Jordan is her parent. If he ever leaves her, she’s gonna spiral out of control.

by Kennedy 3 weeks ago

Paris : “ Please don’t ruin your entire fragrance launch over a nose job”
Tana: “Wowww”
Girl wym wow.. you didn’t think of that on your own ? lmfao

by Angel ina 3 weeks ago

Paris is turning 40 this year and she looks younger than Tana

by A girl is No One 3 weeks ago

I love how she called her childhood home ghetto. If she thinks that's "ghetto"......she'd cry at my childhood home lmao this girl doesn't know a thing about ghetto. I feel like she just wants to be interesting so bad and act like she comes from a broken childhood/past just to be the damsel in distress. When in reality, a lot of people would be grateful to have her "ghetto" childhood. This might be harsh but it's the truth.

by Dana 2 weeks ago

The fact that she considers her old house “ghetto” has me speechless 😨 girl... are you that far from reality?

by Jordan Snow 3 weeks ago


by Phat Izumi 3 weeks ago

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