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Tana & Jordan’s Biggest Fight Ever Ep. 5 | MTV No Filter: Tana Mongeau (Season 2)

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An all-out screaming match between Tana and Jordan puts their relationship in jeopardy. Meanwhile Trevor’s sobriety is threatened when he is invited to a bar with Tana and friends.
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‘MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21' is the first installment of a new reality series following social media wild child Tana Mongeau and her crazy crew as they navigate vlog life, studio time, partying, and finally becoming adults. Watch the entire first season on MTV YouTube.
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Tana & Jordan’s Most Memorable Moments

by MTV 6 days ago

The only person I care about this season is Trevor and Jordan

by Haziel Llanes 5 days ago

She’s low key acting like a spoiled brat, she can stay up all night partying and doing drugs but is mad when she’s called out about not being on time to set.... make it make sense

by moon light 4 days ago

“My health is falling apart.” Says the person who barely gave those doctors and nurses a time of day when they’re trying to help and do there job.

by Hailie Lee 4 days ago

tana: "it's not my fault i'm sick all the time"
also tana: smokes blunt after using inhaler

by Monster Mash 4 days ago

Tana: I want people to be honest with me
Jordan: is honest

by luxe baby luxe 4 days ago

Her hairstylist should be fired...letting Tana leave the house with those tracks showing ...ALL the time.

by Shay B 5 days ago

No offense to Tana, but she IS childish and Jordan has to force her to be an adult at 21 years old that’s not something he should have to do PERIOD and he gets yelled at and humiliated by her because she says inappropriate comments bc she can’t watch her mouth. Whether that’s her personality or not she should have to understand that being an adult requires you to do shit you don’t want to do.

by It’s Deij Xo 4 days ago

Jordan should just quit. He’s not her dad. Tanas mad because Jordan is pissed at her for not showing up to her only job in life? She literally has the easiest job in the world and sleeps into 3 in the afternoon. Girl grow up

by Erica Bellile 4 days ago

The fact that tana was pressuring Trevor to drink just made me realize how toxic Tana is. This show completely made me lose my respect for her.

by Cat Trapani 4 days ago

Editing doesn’t make someone look this damn bad. She’s awful

by Anastasia Onishea 4 days ago

This show is making me really dislike Tana, but I’m living for Jordan.

by Abby Barbee 5 days ago

At this point, I'd much rather have an MTV reality show dedicated to Jordan. Came for Tana, stayed for Jordan.

by Liam O. 4 days ago

If Tana gets rid of Jordan, than I'm not watching this show anymore because he's the sanest person in their group and the only reason I can tolerate this show.

by Kendal 4 days ago

It's kinda funny how this show made people dislike her more than when she had all her scandals.

by Veronika Permaul 4 days ago

Fact: being the only sober person in a group of drunk people is NEVER fun or entertaining.

by Carrie Coleman 4 days ago

Does she realise how bad this series is making her look.

by Orla Kelly 5 days ago

there’s so much irony in Tana telling Jordan that he’s trying to “front for the camera” by telling her that she’s gonna look like an asshole when this airs when in actuality he was COMPLETELY right and now SHES the one tryna backtrack 💀💀💀💀

by Mae Marie 4 days ago

Tana is such a spoiled brat.she really has let money get to her. And she needs to stop trying to make Jordan look bad when he clearly doesn’t mean harm.also she’s changed and not in a good way, but maybe it’s just the show that’s making her look like this. Idk

by Joselin Garcia 4 days ago


by Mae Marie 4 days ago

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