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Tana & Jordan’s Most Memorable Moments | MTV No Filter: Tana Mongeau

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Tana and her manager, Jordan, have a very unique relationship. They fight constantly, but also rely on each other for support, advice, and employment. Here are some of their most memorable moments from “No Filter.”
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‘MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21' is the first installment of a new reality series following social media wild child Tana Mongeau and her crazy crew as they navigate vlog life, studio time, partying, and finally becoming adults. Watch the entire first season on MTV YouTube.
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MTV photo 1 Tana & Jordan’s Most Memorable... MTV photo 2 Tana & Jordan’s Most Memorable... MTV photo 3 Tana & Jordan’s Most Memorable... MTV photo 4 Tana & Jordan’s Most Memorable...

Ashly and Imari demand Jordan get them verified

by MTV 1 week ago

mtv saw the hate she was getting so they had to do damage recovery LMFAO

by itsgarettreed 1 week ago

Honestly, Jordan is the only reason Tana has her career still going. She's a mess and he's constantly doing damage control for her when it comes to brands, so she should treat him better
It doesn't matter if we have this 20 minute video of her saying nice things about Jordan if she doesn't treat him right. Just like she said: actions speak louder than words

by F. P. Guerrero Vargas 1 week ago

Tana needs to address this herself instead of having mtv try and make up for this. A lot of people are mad at mtv for “painting her in a bad light,” when they were just doing their job and filming. Tana showed her ass and she needs to take responsibility for it, they did not make her act like that. Her behavior is inexcusable to her fans that look up to her and idolize her

by Kacey Maye 1 week ago

alternate title: MTV attempting to salvage Tana’s career for 20 minutes straight

by Rachel McColley 1 week ago

The sad thing is that she says he’s the closest thing to family and she treats him that way. Imagine how she must treat others 🤷🏻‍♀️ he probably is the person who cares the most about her and u can tell things she says hurt his feelings and she just doesn’t care at all. EDIT mtv can edit things but those words still came out of her mouth. If these things weren’t true she would’ve addressed it and she still hasn’t 🤷🏻‍♀️

by Edith Martinez 1 week ago

Damage control since everyone was going off about how badly Tana treats Jordan in the last episode

by Debi Dooms 1 week ago

Plot twist: tana is actually in love with Jordan and doesn’t know how to express it so she’s rude to him

by ashley murray 1 week ago

Jordan is probably the only thing that keeps tana stable and not going completely wild.

by K'shawnn Walker 1 week ago

Jordan has the patience of a saint
Between all of this AND being Trisha Paytas’s manager ???

by Tracey Jeanne 1 week ago

yall just posting this so no one will notice how bad of a person tana really is LMAO don't divert the attention from the real issue...

by angelyss 1 week ago

alternate title: tana saying she loves Jordan, but still ultimately treating him like crap

by SmoothTalkingJaune 1 week ago

i can’t decide how i feel about tana. i love her in her videos but these are making me have different opinion.

by Lauren Federico 1 week ago

Jordan was actually embarrassed by Tana at the skating rink. Peep him putting up his hood on his hoodie.

by d0ne 1 week ago

says Jordan is the closest family she has then proceeds to claim he doesn’t genuinely care abt her health... interesting.

by julia rolley 1 week ago

If this is supposed to be “damage control” they didn’t do a very good job. I lost even more respect for Tana than I did after watching Monday’s video. Having all the times she’s been disrespectful to Jordan in one video? There are no good moments, idk how Jordan has stayed with such a toxic client for this long.

by Bri Dempsey 1 week ago

I think she really thought that wedding was real and it’s so awkward 🤨

by Brit Brat 1 week ago

im so glad that jordan refused to kick cole out and stood his ground!!!

by Lillie James 1 week ago

A lot of comments from the last episode are gone because people are so fed up with her and y'all post this to try and help? Way too little, way too late

by DetoxandTeaTalks 1 week ago

I won’t be surprised when Jordan and tana fall in love and have a perfect life together..

by Cameron Knowles 1 week ago

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