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The Real Reason Tana & Jake Were Barely Speaking Ep. 2 | MTV No Filter: Tana Mongeau (Season 2)

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With Tana’s own relationship floundering, she decides to focus on Jordan’s love life by setting him up with adult film star Riley Reid..
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‘MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21' is the first installment of a new reality series following social media wild child TanaMongeau and her crazy crew as they navigate vlog life, studio time, partying, and finally becoming adults. Watch the entire first season on MTV YouTube.
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So are we gonna pretend that Jake didn’t use Tana to get in with MTV

by Elle Salagaras 1 month ago

Jordan straight up insulted Riley's intelligence and she stayed around for the rest of the date..

by Kaitlyn St. Pierre 1 month ago

Why is Jordan bad at flirting.. I screamed when he basically called her dumb

by Carlos Fraide 1 month ago

God Jordan is so bad with women. Good thing he’s cute.

by Taryn Dougherty 1 month ago

Jake Paul is going to host a “comedy clip show”? But he’s like the least funny person ever. He’s not witty, not charming, and universally despised: sounds like a great idea, MTV!

by Molly Nolin 1 month ago

PLEASE don’t put jake on the show. Please. I’m begging you mtv. We hate him

by gabycal ! 1 month ago

Tana saw herself in Jake. Jake saw his reflection in Tana's eyes. (My opinion)

by J Gomes 1 month ago

I feel like tana and jordan are lowkey inlove w eachother

by Emily x 1 month ago

Jake is just so...NOT genuine when he talks to her. Even before this. She never deserved the way he treated her and used her.

by zena jewel 1 month ago

I felt the worst 2nd hand embarrassment when Jordan implied Riley wasn’t smart 💀 I know later he was probably punching the air

by Aesthetic bitch 1 month ago

stop putting jake in the show. no one wants him here

by a mnicholas 1 month ago

Are we pretending Jordan didn’t call Riley dumb and then ask her if she was a slut in high school?! Wtf dude

by Shady Haterade 1 month ago

Is someone gonna tell her they’re not actually married

by Julia Chew 1 month ago

Kinda sad that Jordan just automatically assumed Reilly wasn’t smart just because she’s a porn star.

by Sarah Rhodes 1 month ago

It pisses me off how she says how they’re “married”. They are not. They are not a married couple. Jake’s an ass

by Lysanne Demers 1 month ago

Omg people. He wasn't questioning Riley's intelligence. He wasn't saying she isn't smart. He said that he just doesn't think that when he thinks of Riley. Because the first thing he thinks of is porn. And he said tana led by saying his date was smart. So clearly he doesn't think of Riley, because he would assume that tana would have led with porn. That's why Riley says "I know, first thing we all think of is porn." So he wasn't saying she's stupid.

by LiL [ash]TM 1 month ago

I always wondered why Jordan was single, within the first five minutes he calls his date dumb....I can now see why he is single

by Abandoned Autopilot 4 weeks ago

Jordan and all of Tanas friends, seem so protective over her when Jake is around. I’m glad she has good friends like that.

by Ally 1 month ago

i never thought i’d say this but tana looks so mature compared to jake... he is a literal child

by word up 1 month ago

“Moving in together would just be really crazy for us right now” but getting MARRIED isn’t? Lmfao

by Lucy R. 1 month ago

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