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The Side Of Tana’s VidCon You Didn’t See | Episode 6 | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21

#Tana and Jake Fight #Tana Mongeau turns 21 #engagement #Tana Mongeau marriage #Entertainment
Two years since being banned from VidCon, Tana is back as a Featured Creator. See how she navigates her return without a scandal… well, kinda.
#TanaMongeau #TanaTurns21 #MTV
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‘MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21' is the first installment of a new reality series following social media wild child TanaMongeau and her crazy crew as they navigate vlog life, studio time, partying, and finally becoming adults. New episodes premiere Mondays on MTV YouTube.
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MTV photo 1 The Side Of Tana’s VidCon... MTV photo 2 The Side Of Tana’s VidCon... MTV photo 3 The Side Of Tana’s VidCon... MTV photo 4 The Side Of Tana’s VidCon...

Ashly and Imari reveal their in VEGAS!

by MTV 3 months ago

this isn’t tana turns 21 it’s tana worrying about jake while 21

by Sam 8 months ago

Forget Tana. Give me a reality show about Jordan.

by liz g 8 months ago

Jordan’s neck turn when Tana basically lied to Jake saying “we’re asking and things are looking better” killed me 😂

by Imani Childs 8 months ago

I pay attention to Jordan more than anyone else if I'm honest.
Where's HIS show??

by Dear Diary 8 months ago

Honestly that's so disrespectful of Tana to be so late and make all those people wait for an hour in addition to all the time they'd already spent lined up...just so she can get an extra hour of sleep. So her time is worth more than hundreds of people? Not a good look, sis.

by Shani D 8 months ago

I honestly respect Jordan so much. He handles situations so calmly and maturely and is so good at his job. Tana’s really lucky to have someone like him always looking out for her no matter what

by Harry Bailey 8 months ago

Jake is constantly stealing her thunder, it's so frustrating 🙄🙄

by Amanda Perez 8 months ago

I feel really bad for Jordan. He has saved Tana on a business level how many times? The amount of disrespect she has for him is mind boggling. Complaining about not being bought gifts when you're covered in Cartier and gold? "What do you give a girl that has everything?" Is a classy excuse. Jordan gave you a stable career. You started it and he maintained it. Even when he handed her the flowers and book, she looked like she barely had any gratitude. She is very arrogant and selfish.

by I want Yezi, Jei and Jiu to step on me 8 months ago

Imagine jeopardizing your career for Jake Paul💀💀

by Vanessa Davila 8 months ago

tana on stage
jake walks on
Imari:I mean this really isn’t necessary
Lmao I love him

by Jessica Doherty 8 months ago

Tana is really rude to Jordan when in reality hes the only person in her life whos actually looking out for her...

by Rebecca 8 months ago

WOW.. Jordan's gift was way more thoughtful and meaningful than Jake's cringey poem. 🤦🏻‍♀️

by Wan Syazlina Wan Aasim 8 months ago

THAT FAN WHO CALLED HER OUT OMG. she was like “so why were you late....?” LOL that’d be me

by Raquel K 8 months ago

"the day i met tana she ate my banana " ew blocked, canceled, disgusted, threw up in my mouth

by Jaelynscraycray 8 months ago

It kind of concerns me that she has such trouble waking up at 2pm. It makes me think that she’s either heavily medicated, drugged out, or battling mental illness. It’s worrisome. Assuming this is a regular occurrence and not just from one late night

by mememeome 8 months ago

Can we get a Jordan spin off show like “the life a celebrity manager” or some, I’m totally here for that

by JustJenn 8 months ago

So is nobody gonna talk about that fan that wanted to strip for her? Lmao

by Haylee Bertelson 8 months ago

dam this manager is going above and beyond his pay grade

by christine fitz 8 months ago

"Why get married then?"
"For the clout."
Nothings made me want to throw a toaster into the bathtub as much as that comment

by Kendal 3 weeks ago

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