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The Truth About Tana & Jake’s Marriage | Episode 4 | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21

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After a couple of false starts, Tana and Jake finally settle on a wedding date. Plus, the pair come to an agreement on the legality of their upcoming nuptials.
#TanaMongeau #TanaTurns21 #MTV
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‘MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21' is the first installment of a new reality series following social media wild child Tana Mongeau and her crazy crew as they navigate vlog life, studio time, partying, and finally becoming adults. New episodes premiere Mondays on MTV YouTube.
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MTV photo 1 The Truth About Tana &... MTV photo 2 The Truth About Tana &... MTV photo 3 The Truth About Tana &... MTV photo 4 The Truth About Tana &...

Ashly and Imari reveal their in VEGAS! ❤️

by MTV 3 months ago

ok so you’re telling me..... the shows called tana turns 21 and y’all ain’t even going to show me her 21st birthday in Vegas??

by Genevieve Redfern 8 months ago

Is anyone else getting the vibe that Tana is falling for Jake, and Jake is like, "Whoa. That was not supposed to happen?" To him, this is business, and that's it.

by Melissa Lang 8 months ago

My Sims wedding was more legit than this

by Mćrßłoöt 8 months ago

“A party at his house establishes me too much as his girl.” As she literally marries him???

by Jordyn Douglas 8 months ago

y'all want real entertainment go to Sarah baskas story time on their wedding I was cryinggg

by jamie franta 8 months ago

Damn this generation of kids are being influenced by such shallow and fake people. This is so so sad

by JohnnyB theShooter 8 months ago

😂I feel like Tana and Jake keep forgetting that MTVs camera crew are recording them plotting to get clout

by Andrew B 8 months ago

Honestly listening to tana’s video yesterday and then watching this today makes me really believe she is a sociopath. Wtf.

by Lisa Anderson 8 months ago

I think I liked tana better when she was in an open relationship with Bella than who she is rn. Idk seems so night and day

by Mimi NewBean 8 months ago

why can he not answer a SINGLE question she asks?

by Kaycee Dial 8 months ago

Let’s put aside the whole wedding and birthday situation, let’s talk about HER PILLOW WITH NO CASE AND SMOTHERED IN FOUNDATION... god damn

by Marigold Gonzalez 8 months ago

We all know they skipped her birthday cuz she did SSOOOOOO much illegal stuff lol

by Isaiah Armendariz 8 months ago

*getting married *
Tana:“But like I don’t want to establish myself too much as his girl”

by Lauren Doherty 8 months ago

They’re freaking 21 like why the hell are they using Botox for? Like the hell

by AshleyM. Cruz Hilario 7 months ago

Someone get that girl a new pillow

by Abby Bee 8 months ago

When her peak crashes, it’s going to crash so hard

by Josie Rose 8 months ago

She was saying she's gonna fight with Jake and be all confrontational and then she talked to him jokingly manner

by Heidy Coleman 8 months ago

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