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The Vows Tana Didn't Make At The Altar | Episode 7 | MTV Not Filter: Tana Turns 21

#MTV No Filter Tana Mongeau #Tana Mongeau marriage #jana wedding #MTV #Entertainment
As Tana struggles to write her wedding vows to Jake, Jordan is made aware of a plot that could derail the #Jana nuptials.
#TanaMongeau #TanaTurns21 #MTV
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‘MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21' is the first installment of a new reality series following social media wild child TanaMongeau and her crazy crew as they navigate vlog life, studio time, partying, and finally becoming adults. Watch the entire first season on MTV YouTube.
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MTV photo 1 The Vows Tana Didn't Make... MTV photo 2 The Vows Tana Didn't Make... MTV photo 3 The Vows Tana Didn't Make... MTV photo 4 The Vows Tana Didn't Make...

Las Vegas? More like LOST VEGAS! Ashly and Imari reveal their in VEGAS!

by MTV 3 months ago

half of this series is ashly saying tana and jake shouldn’t get married

by 96티파니 7 months ago

this is literally just 30 minutes of tana embarrassing herself, jake being an a$$, and ashly proving to be the only sane person at the wedding

by Chloe Jones 7 months ago

Jordan needs his own series about his life managing train wrecks. It would be more honest and more interesting.

by The Spitting Drama Llama 7 months ago

You can tell she grew up with zero parenting

by Vincent Hebert 7 months ago

If they supposedly didn't have sex how did Jake fall for her pregnancy prank?

by love yourself 7 months ago

This series would've been SO much better without Jake...Tana doing random shit with her friends is better than any Jana content

by Britta 7 months ago

This show should be called “Jordan’s client turns 21” because who’s the real star here

by Chloe Marie Toft 7 months ago

Tana: the only thing that matters right now...
Jake: bRo I'm LiKe ShAkInG
Tana: listen to me...
Jake: No LiKe SeRiOuSlY i'M sHaKiNg
Tana: the only thing that matters right now is me and you.
Jake: yO lOoK aT tHiS rInG i BoUgHt yOu

by 50 Shades Of Asian 7 months ago

High key think Jordan got punched in the face on purpose and was planned by Jake for not kicking out that one guy at Tanas birthday. Wouldn’t put it past Jake.

by Jessica Tierra Maitland 7 months ago

Tana said “I love you” at the altar several times and not once did jake say it back.

by Emma Earthling 7 months ago

season 2 but actually make it about tana and her friends

by Hope Mohr 7 months ago

why is no one commenting on jakes wedding vows lol this dude really used the word "amuse" wrong and couldn't come up with a compliment better than that he likes her teeth i'm loling fr

by laurel 7 months ago

I feel like Tana really has feelings for Jake but I’m not sure that Jakes as serious about it and i feel for her.

by M Hurley886 7 months ago

im literally just looking for sarah baska the whole time during the ceremony

by Angie Flippi 7 months ago

I feel like I’m watching clueless. Her and her manager should just smash already

by Petra Barron 4 months ago

I’m disappointed in Jake. The fact the fight was planned is absolutely disgusting. Why would you plan someone spilling champagne on someone you’re about to “marry”. It’s horrible absolutely horrible and the fact after it happened Tana was saying “it’s okay all that matters is we are happy” and how much she loves you and all you said is “I’m shaking” “look at the ring”

I’m disappointed in Jake. I really truly believed in this relationship and now i guess I’ve learned not to believe anything Jake Paul has to say.

by Mal ? 7 months ago

Tana’s friends bashing her marriage for 27 minutes straight.

Lmao they aren’t wrong though 😂

by Amanda Johnson 7 months ago

jordan ashly and imari are cut out for reality tv. tana sounds like she was handed a script.

by bridget armitage 7 months ago

I lowkey want Tana to be with Jordan. His love and care for her is so genuine. She deserve love that Jordan definitely gives.

by Alexia Martinez 7 months ago

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