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Will Tana Spend Xmas Alone? | Episode 8 | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21

#No Filter #New Season #Tana and Amari #Tana Holiday Special #Entertainment
While visiting Jordan’s family for Hanukkah, Tana examines what family means to her and struggles to decide who she’ll spend Christmas with… if anyone.
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MTV photo 1 Will Tana Spend Xmas Alone?... MTV photo 2 Will Tana Spend Xmas Alone?... MTV photo 3 Will Tana Spend Xmas Alone?... MTV photo 4 Will Tana Spend Xmas Alone?...

I get that her childhood made her the way she is but at some point you have to realize that manners and respect are important and if your parents never taught you that its your job to learn yourself

by alissab 4 months ago

If Tana’s life was a romcom she’d definitely end up marrying Jordan.

by millijames 3 months ago

"She does this really high scream that is the bane of my existence."

Jordan is my spirit animal.

by Jay 4 months ago

Idk how she’s not embarrassed acting like that infront of jordan’s parents

by Jet Yao 4 months ago

tana bringing up her childhood every minute and relating it to EVERYTHING is a sign she should really see a therapist... someone she can talk to in the proper setting and who will actually know how to help

by sonia rae 4 months ago

She needs to see a therapist. It seems like when she’s uncomfortable or scared she goes back to the way she acted as a child. The body sometimes does this when it has experienced trauma.

by Haley Johnson 4 months ago

tana thinking she's the only person that grew up with a dysfunctional family for 20 min straight

by Jessica Eileen 4 months ago

That Imari said that Tana is always welcome at his place is literally the cutest thing ever

by Emma van Diggelen 4 months ago

Why tf is she wearing sunglasses in his parents house

by jennifer lee 4 months ago

tana: “parents LOVE ME”
also tana: *screaming, crawling all over the floor in public, wearing sunglasses in doors, etc

by Kyra 4 months ago

Also Jordan has the patience of a saint

by Jeanine 4 months ago

Tana saying how his father was screaming when she was young and her mother was not dressed on time. Tana is screaming and always late..

by russshh 4 months ago

The fact that she invites herself and then complains the whole time

by Molly Rose 2 months ago

she was so disrespectful to the family and just embarrassed them in the ice rink.

by KRiSTiAN 4 months ago

I’m sorry but Jordan saying “do you think that mom will make...like latkes?” to his Jewish sister about Hanukkah is the funniest staged dialogue I’ve ever seen

by Namila Cadet 4 months ago

love her to death but I literally can’t stand how brain dead she acts in regards to basic manners. idc if your family didnt do things together, mine didn’t either but it should still be common sense to not sit there and talk to text at the dinner table. “so weird families like eachother and don’t give all their attention to their phones at dinner what does that even mean”, like STOP. I wish it was more authentic. I miss her sitting on the ground and recording storytimes. I want her career to thrive but this is just boring and irritating. i get they’re making a tv show but Jesus man, she’s just not that dumb I wish she would stop acting like she was.

by Hannah Avas 4 months ago

Jordan’s dad sounds just like him. Like his voice is identical that’s insane

by Morgan Hoover Saunders 4 months ago

Suddenly everyone in the comment section is a psychologist

by jm _ 4 months ago

I seriously can’t be the only one that noticed they edited the “f*** no” from and put it at to make it sound like she said it then ...

by Cedes Tisdale 4 months ago

The second hand embarrassment is real

by Ella Gibbons 4 months ago

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