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Would YOU Forgive Tana? Ep. 7 Finale | MTV No Filter: Tana Mongeau (Season 2)

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In the aftermath of a traumatic event, Imari grows frustrated with Tana’s response. Meanwhile Jordan orchestrates the launch of Tana’s first perfume..
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‘MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21' is the first installment of a new reality series following social media wild child Tana Mongeau and her crazy crew as they navigate vlog life, studio time, partying, and finally becoming adults. Watch the entire first season on MTV YouTube.
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MTV photo 1 Would YOU Forgive Tana? Ep.... MTV photo 2 Would YOU Forgive Tana? Ep.... MTV photo 3 Would YOU Forgive Tana? Ep.... MTV photo 4 Would YOU Forgive Tana? Ep....

From dating to divorce, Tana and Jake experienced a lot — like, A LOT — during their whirlwind romance. Here’s how everything went down, as seen on ‘MTV’s No Filter’

by MTV 5 days ago

We all know that Tana is unreliable, but is nobody going to talk about trevor dropping EVERYTHING and driving up to imari?!

by Olivia Martinez 5 days ago

Your “die hard fans” are disappointed and you for not being responsible as well as treating your friends so bad. I’m starting to think you don’t even deserve Jordan and Imari because of how toxic you are with them. I hope you watch this back and learn from your actions. Your “die hard fans” are like your family and we will hold you accountable.

by Coree Lee 2 days ago

How is she shocked that he's hurt? He made it so clear that he cared about her being there, not to mention she probably has about 30 missed calls + texts. Cut the crap.

by l Campanella 3 days ago

“90% of his income is from me” girl 90% of your income is because of HIM

by Shannon Ball 3 days ago

i also don’t like how she’s acting like EVERYONE doesn’t struggle with multiple things at once at one point in there life or another. wake up Tana, everyone has some sort of trauma, everyone has a job they have to invest in, and everyone has to work to balance their relationships. normal people have to deal with their health issues, school, work, trauma, and money problems. i don’t get why she’s acting like she has it way harder than the majority of people, when average joe’s are able to get up when they don’t want to. normal people don’t have the luxury to stay in bed all day because they are struggling that day. don’t complain when your so privileged you don’t even know what it’s like to not be privileged.

by Koms Birk 2 days ago

Lmao but if it was Paris Hilton lecturing her about oversleeping through the launch she would’ve been like “omg ur so right.” Just like in a past episode where u argued with Jordan and Paris told u the SAME advice Jordan was trying to give u and u thought she opened up ur third fucking eye

by Baby Girl 4 days ago

Jordan is so frustrated he looks like he's about to cry angry tears.

by Anoel Silliw 3 days ago

She is such a bad friend and acts like a freaking child.

by Amanda Foster 3 days ago

Why hasn’t she been canceled yet? If anyyyone deserves it, it’s her. Literally awful human being.

by K Mon 3 days ago

has this girl ever actually fully taken responsibility for anything without blaming other people and manipulation? like seriously??

by Hannah 2 days ago

Tana- “Here I am looking like the most unreliable person ever.”

Girl...you don’t just look like the most unreliable person ever, you actually are the most unreliable person ever! The only time anybody can depend on you being on time is when it’s about you, and sometimes not even then, and that’s pretty sad.

by Nicole Terpstra 5 days ago

REPOST: "Ariana Grande experienced a whole terrorist attack at her own concert where many of her fans were injured and even died and she went back to that place to be with the people who were harmed and the families of the people and she did a whole concert to donate money and then finished the rest of her tour. Her ex boyfriend died and she released a whole album and went on another tour. Harry styles was robbed in the streets of London with a knife and still attended all the planned events. Most regular people have to go to work every single day no matter what is going on in their life and she can't even write a simple tweet. Mental health is important yes but it can't be an excuse for everything and by her using it as her go to excuse she's disrespectful to people who are actually diagnosed with PTSD and depression. She's just throwing those words around like it's nothing. She has the money to go to a therapist and get an actual diagnosis, most people don't even have that luxury and have to deal with their mental health issues while working every day. She doesn't even acknowledge her privilege it's so frustrating."

by Chana Hall 2 days ago


by Megan Harvey 1 day ago

she blames her “ptsd” on everything. she needs to revolve her issues before creating new things and ideas if she isnt prepared for anything

by guppy 3 days ago

I don’t understand how she makes literally everything about her and why she can’t take ANY responsibility. Grow TF up.

by Abby Simon 1 day ago

I get she is going through shit but missing your best friends surgery after she flew there to help him out then she doesn't show up or pick up for her best friend or her manager that's bullshit. She has a lot of responsibilities because she makes hella money from this shit, but doesn't take everything as serious as it is. I get crazy shit happens but its life. I still love her but she needs to grow up and take responsibility if she wants to sell her own shit

by Ashley Cook 5 days ago

It’s sad that everyone, including her friends, literally expects her to be unreliable.

by Hope Aaron 2 days ago

So the perfume was a joke and the “make sure your friends are okay” hoodies are a joke. Tana doesn’t care about anything or anyone we need to stop supporting this girl come on.

by rachel 2 days ago

This episode was the ugliest one of them all. The whole situation this is unbelievable

by Katherine Lopez 2 days ago

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