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Bears vs. Packers Week 15 Highlights | NFL 2019

NFL photo 1 Bears vs. Packers Week 15... NFL photo 2 Bears vs. Packers Week 15... NFL photo 3 Bears vs. Packers Week 15... NFL photo 4 Bears vs. Packers Week 15...

That last play was starting to remind me of the Patriots-Dolphins game last season.

by ProteanGreninja 3 months ago

If only Horsted lateraled it...

by Matt P 3 months ago

I love how both sides went for 4th down conversions alot

by Josh S. 3 months ago

Packers Play Caller: So, how many 4th down conversions do you want to go for today?

Packers: Yes

by mark b 3 months ago

Who thought they were gonna score with 00

by Liam Donovan 3 months ago

The Bears almost got that lateral play at the end

by T-Wolf 1 3 months ago

Crosby and Pinero: Finally we get to kick a field goal
Matt Nagy and Lefleur: We donโ€™t do that here

by Juan Pinedo Allerand 3 months ago

We can all agree this was way better than week 1 at least

by Khii BTK 3 months ago

Oh my God if Horsted sees Robinson or Miller trailing him it's a touchdown.

by Mirza Baig 3 months ago

All #49 had to do was pitch it to Robinson and he walks in.

by QuickStix26 3 months ago

And the Packers got their revenge on the Bears from last year.

2018: Bears eliminated Packers from playoffs by beating them at home to clinch playoffs
2019: Packers eliminated Bears from playoffs by beating them at home to clinch playoffs

by TheDarkenedLightGem 3 months ago

Another lateral and the Bears might have scored. Oh well

by Kevin Payton 3 months ago

I have a bad feeling that the Packers are going to break their fans hearts in the playoffs. This team doesn't look like a team that can make it to the Superbowl.

by MRTUPAC 28 3 months ago

The amount of 4th downs in this game reminded me of madden

by Anerudh Praveen 3 months ago

I cant take any more runs from the shotgun, Nagy. I just can't take it.

by Chairman Meow 3 months ago

That moment when Dean Lowry has better hands than the Packers secondary ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Aaron Seidl 3 months ago

Packers fans just saying "it was one bad call, stfu."
Yeah well when that one bad call give the packers a td when the bears shoulda had the chance to get the td or at least a field goal, we woulda won bc the score woulda been 16-14 or 20-14

by Mr Frank 3 months ago

Wow what a heart-breaking last two plays (and I'm not even a Bears fan)

by the man 3 months ago

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