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Packers vs. Vikings Week 16 Highlights | NFL 2019

NFL photo 1 Packers vs. Vikings Week 16... NFL photo 2 Packers vs. Vikings Week 16... NFL photo 3 Packers vs. Vikings Week 16... NFL photo 4 Packers vs. Vikings Week 16...

Remember when Bears and Vikings fans said the Packers reign over the North was over in the off season

by Nothing Special 3 months ago

Za'Darious Smith putting a little extra into Packers fans stockings.

by Benjamin Finger 3 months ago

Like:Green Bay packers
Reply:Minnesota Vikings

by Joanne Espejo 3 months ago

When I die, I want the vikings team to be at my funeral so they can let me down one last time.

by TateDaBoss 3 months ago

when did Kermit start commentating this NFL game

by Aaron 3 months ago

Zadarius Smith is the biggest pro bowl snub this season

by Luke Wells 3 months ago

So many turnovers yet the Packers won. Big missed opportunity by the Vikings.

by nikhil shetty 3 months ago

5 vs 3 at the line and STILL getting sacks?GOOD GRIEF.

Poor Vikings lol

by Aki Aniol 3 months ago

At this point, is Cousins just trolling the Vikings?

by Peter Paul 3 months ago

Diggs totally shouldn’t play QB any time soon

by Vince Gonzalez 3 months ago

3 guarantees in life
1. Taxes
2. Kirk cousins losing MNF

by Tyler Krusick 3 months ago

RIP to the woman getting sawed in half at

by Saddie 3 months ago

Aaron Jones not in the Pro Bowl. HUGE SNUB.

by Justin G 3 months ago

Vikings Oline looking like the Chargers oline

by Angel Chavez 3 months ago

This game felt like a playoff game

by Righteous1 3 months ago

Quarterbacks food must've been spiked with something or someone was shining lazers.

by 3DHDcat 3 months ago

The vikings Offensive line got destroyed. 🤦

by Stefan Lal 3 months ago

Me being a packers fan, I even thought the Vikings would win. The home field advantage. The fumbles. The packers home field is an open roofed and the packers don't do well with all the noise in the domes.
LaFleur really stepped it up in the second half. Great victory and love the packers. Sry Vikings

by Pointless User 3 months ago

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