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Texans vs. Chiefs Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2019 Playoffs

NFL photo 1 Texans vs. Chiefs Divisional Round... NFL photo 2 Texans vs. Chiefs Divisional Round... NFL photo 3 Texans vs. Chiefs Divisional Round... NFL photo 4 Texans vs. Chiefs Divisional Round...

Texan Fans through the Quarters
1st Q :🤩
2nd Q ::slight_frown:
3rd Q ::worried:
4th Q ::sob:

by Isaac A 3 months ago

After their Superbowl win and looking back at this game, that Sorensen tackle on the fake punt saved their season.

by DKY 2 months ago

Fans: it’s ok, the chiefs have 3 quarters to come back
Chiefs: We only need 3 minutes

by parallel bri 2 months ago

Imagine being a Texans fan and you get up to go to the bathroom when they’re winning 24-0 and then you come back and see the Chiefs winning

by Corbin Mattson 2 months ago

Chiefs be like:”wanna see me do an amazing comeback”

chiefs in the superbowl:”wanna see me do it again”

by Futures Past 2 months ago

Mahomes: "I once let a team run up the score 24-0 just to see what it felt like."

by Bryon Letterman 3 months ago

Who’s here after the Chiefs came back from 10 points down to win the Super Bowl?!

by Tyler Morro 2 months ago

Even tho they were losing by 24 points, the KC fans never lost hope . Now I know why they say that Kansas City Chiefs have the best fans in all sports.
Congrats to KC from Lafayette Louisiana :thumbsup_tone4:

by les antoine 2 months ago

Texans: looks like we've got this one

Mahomes: Not when I shift into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE

by Steve Buhrt 2 months ago

Once the rest of the team warmed up, there was no stopping Mahomes’ ability to get that ball where it needed to be. Kid is one of the greatest things to ever happen to us here in KC

by Ashley Brown 2 months ago

Texans 1st quarter: Houston we’ve landed
Texans rest of the game: Houston we have a problem

by mdz369 3 months ago

Who’s here after they won the Super Bowl

by Freeze 2 months ago

Patrick Mahomes is the best QB in the league

by Jayne Gilman 2 months ago

Chiefs at start: 1,100 ping

After first quarter: 30 ping

by Woube Kebede 2 months ago

Us Vikings fans: “yo we came back from 20 points in one half”

Chiefs: “hold my 28 in one quarter”

by Jaketwins 01 2 months ago

Imagine taking a dump while your team is up 24-0 and coming back 7 minutes later to them losing

by Whf 3 months ago

Everyone talking about Sorenson being the star here, don't forget about Schwartz the right tackle, dude handled Watt and anyone else they threw at him all day/all playoffs. Guy is a beast.

by Tyler T 1 month ago

Frank Clark with one of the best sacks I've ever seen

by Joe Regan 3 months ago

We take Mahomes for granted. He threw 4 tds in one quarter. He's done that twice in one season


Need Superbowls while we have him. Will miss him once he's gone

by Understand The Other Side 2 months ago

This was the best season in many many years.
This Kansas City team one of the best ever.

by Robin Taylor 2 months ago

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