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Spetsnaz (Soviet Afghanistan war)

#Storm-333 #stinger missile #Spetsalynaya #russian #Education
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Often, the Spetsnaz are thought of as Army commando units..
In reality, however, Spetsnaz are not a specific tactical unit but a more general clandestine force which were deployed at the behest of the Soviet intelligence security services for special missions.
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Credit, Created by Daniel Turner
Writer: Dejan Milivojevic
Narrator, Bryan 'Lazlo' Beauregard
Music Credit.
Desert City by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...)
Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-...
Artist: http://incompetech.com/
White, Terry. The Making of the World’s Elite Forces
Timothy Gusinov, ‘Soviet Special Forces (Spetsnaz): Experience in Afghanistan’, Military Review, March-April 2002.
Jack Anderson and Dale Van Atta, ‘Meet ‘Spetsnaz,’ Soviet Special Forces’, The Washington Post, 1986.
Lester W. Grau and Ali Ahmad Jalali, ‘Forbidden Cross-border Vendetta: Spetsnaz Strike into Pakistan during the Soviet-afghan War’, Journal of Slavic Military Studies, (18)4.

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Simple History photo 1 Spetsnaz (Soviet Afghanistan war) Simple History photo 2 Spetsnaz (Soviet Afghanistan war) Simple History photo 3 Spetsnaz (Soviet Afghanistan war) Simple History photo 4 Spetsnaz (Soviet Afghanistan war)

Afghan soldier: Hey Ahmed, do you hear music in the desert?

Desert: *distant & muffled Hardbass noises*

by Silent00 19 hours ago

U.S: I understand your suffering

by Freidheim of Prussia 18 hours ago

Ridge: "Why are you idiots using wallets designed in the 90's?"

Also Ridge: "Our wallet will last you your entire life."

I feel like theres some hypocrisy here, if only I could find it.

by Robert Capostagno 14 hours ago

“Spetsnaz” literally just means “special forces” in Russian. Seriously put it into google translate.

by Me and The boys 16 hours ago

Drinking game: Take a shot everytime the narrator says "Spetsnaz"

by Okami Amaterasu 16 hours ago

USSR: hah! You lost to some Rice Farmers!
USA: hah! You lost to some Shepherds!

and so the power of Frenemys commenced.

by Silver Daffodil 9 hours ago

Big Boss: ambushes soviet spetsnaz member SPILL IT OUT
Spetsnaz man: Ya ne govoryu po angliski, otpusti(which means "I don't speack english, let me go")

by Slavic 96 19 hours ago

Spetsnaz field manual on standard first line when interrogating American POW.

"Dragonfly.. Wolf's Den.. Colorful names..."

by marcustya88 18 hours ago

"You know me, I don't like anyone."
-Sgt. Frank Wood

by シュガー 15 hours ago

Me: Bruh, they are dead now. Why are you still shooting?
Spetsnaz: Just making extra sure they are dead comrade! )))

by SAUBER_KH7 17 hours ago

Afghanistan: you can't defeat me
Russian army: I know points to the spetsnaz but he can

by Ollie The God 8 hours ago

Me : Has a exam online in 10 mins and has not studied anything yet.
Simple history : Video uploaded
Me : screw it

by Neel Rawat 15 hours ago

Funny how the same "freedom fighters" the US were supplying in Afghanistan became the Taliban.

by Shinji 1943 7 hours ago

USA: “Why are the trees speaking”
Russia: “The mountains blyatt the mountains”
Britain: laughs in Malayan

by _ruthless -BBK 9 hours ago

"Afghan Afghan Afghan, Afghan Afghanistan"

by Anonymous User 14 hours ago

How you win a war:

You make the enemy press Alt+f4

by SamuraiPlayzzz 18 hours ago

Red Alert 2 GI death sounds

by Blitzwing 19 hours ago

Price: Who's your best man?

Nikolai: Yuri, Ex-Spetsnaz. Only man I know who hates Makarov more than you.

by Winchester Chua 18 hours ago

Me with memorys of Bo2 and MGS5

by Telora 19 hours ago

When you're patrolling Afghanistan and see a random armored horse with a dog imprinted on its armor plates

by Furrylorian Lord of crop yiff 17 hours ago

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