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Off Brand Art Supplies Vs. Name Brand: Which Is Worth The Money??🎨

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SuperRaeDizzle photo 1 Off Brand Art Supplies Vs.... SuperRaeDizzle photo 2 Off Brand Art Supplies Vs.... SuperRaeDizzle photo 3 Off Brand Art Supplies Vs.... SuperRaeDizzle photo 4 Off Brand Art Supplies Vs....

Ah! I’m happy to see y’all are enjoying the video. Update on my poor Bowie: she’s doing better every day. She’ll be better soon. She’s though!!

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Annnddd I’ll see you guys next video

by SuperRaeDizzle 13 hours ago

Me praying that the cheaper ones are superior because I know I can’t afford the name brands

by Whyidonthaveaboyfriend 13 hours ago

This is Bowie
One like = one prayer for Bowie

by Hailey Brooke 13 hours ago

Me: painting

Rae: uploads

Me: idc if this damn acrylic dries up I’m watching this

by Twilight sparkle Show 13 hours ago

Me: there the same thing!
Super Rae Dizzle: this is COMPLETELY different!

by Aakruti Putheti 13 hours ago

Daler Rowney is soooo not a walmart brand, neither a knock off 😭 you’re hurting my soul rae

by Charles The Lord of Rats 13 hours ago

Who likes rae without makeup better?edit: omg thank you for one like

by Aishwarya Venkat 36 minutes ago

Rae: explains everything about pencils*

by Fluffy Fox 12 hours ago

I don't think Daler & Rowney is specifically a Walmart brand - I've got several of their products (some from Amazon, some from art/stationary shops), but we don't have Walmart. I think it's just a student-grade-focused brand.

by CH 13 hours ago

I swear YouTube is either drunk or lazy 99% of the time, I don't think you can get away with being too lazy to add the views and just adding the likes, YouTube.

by NoorTheProLike 13 hours ago

Can I just say daler rowney is a good brand that is in one of the best art stores in Britain so please

by School Tips 12 hours ago

YouTube: apostles 52 seconds ago
Me : I want to put something in comments but what??

by Caitlins art 🌻 13 hours ago

when you have exceeded the point where you only see one view:

by Jazzy A1 13 hours ago

It’s not the supplies , it’s the talent behind the artist . You can have the most expensive supplies but if you don’t know how to draw then the supplies is no use

by Anotheruser 12 hours ago

these are the expensive ones :
these are the cheap ones:

*camera pans over to my broken hand me down colored pencils and one expo marker 😂 *

by stan K.K slider 13 hours ago

me: is tired because i was painting
I need to sleep.
Rae: new video
me: nevermind

by Axoアクソ 13 hours ago

Daler Rowney (the erasers and ink) is not an offbrand, they’re a British brand that makes mid to high end student and professional artist materials.

by Lisko ! 12 hours ago

Me worrying about Bowie during quarantine: aghhhh Bowie

Also me: welp Bowie is now inferior to cheap art supplies because rae says “cheap is best” 😂😂😂

by Cate’s American Girl Doll Channel 8 hours ago

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