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My Massive iPad Pro 2020 Unboxing!

#macbook air 2020 #your average consumer #ipad pro 2020 magic keyboard #macbook air 2020 review #Science & Technology
We’ve got a bunch of tech from Apple to unbox today! Full reviews on the iPad Pro 2020 and MacBook Air 2020 coming soon!
Find them here, iPad Pro - https://apple.co/2UraR8g
MacBook Air - https://apple.co/3duEgaG
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UrAvgConsumer photo 1 My Massive iPad Pro 2020... UrAvgConsumer photo 2 My Massive iPad Pro 2020... UrAvgConsumer photo 3 My Massive iPad Pro 2020... UrAvgConsumer photo 4 My Massive iPad Pro 2020...

Ur average consumer: there’s nothing like a care package from apple

Me: Most unrelatable thing I’ve ever heard

by MJ Boatright 1 week ago

Somebody pls tell him he’s not an average consumer

by Paradise 6 days ago

This guy: holds ipad up with one hand
me: sweating intensely

by Wawed Alpha 6 days ago

This called me broke in about 10 different languages 😂

by Baby Girl 1 week ago

Change the channel title to : “UrAvgMillionaireConsumer”

by Sn1per 6 days ago

That's exactly what "an average consumer" would casually buy :-D

by dra3b 1 week ago

“What else did Apple send us?”
looks at MacBook

“mAGiC TRaCk PaD”

by D. Rogers 1 week ago

Apple: "your next computer is not a computer".
Also Apple: Sends a macbook air with the Ipad.

by Muhammad Mohsin 1 week ago

2010: Lets give the world a fully touchscreen experience.
2020: Lets give the world a $300 accessory to give them a laptop/desktop experience.

by Jamaln,MD 6 days ago

I clicked coz I thought it was magic keyboard on thumbnail :(

by jean gabriel 1 week ago

Me: clicking on the video for a floating keyboard
Me: .....

by Thomas Harvey 1 week ago

Ur Avg Consumer:
Apple Magical keyboard for 300$

''Laughs in broke''

by Oliver Sjöström 1 week ago

I love how excited Apple users are when they unbox and review their products. He 's like a kid on Christmas.

by Mrs. Riley Teaches 1 week ago

Thumbnail: shows the new keyboard folio
Real video: its just a regualr keyboard case
Me: they had us in the first half
Not gonna lie

by pop_ mu22 1 week ago

I want one but my wallet says no.🤦🏻‍♀️

by WES LEY 1 week ago

UrAvgConsumer: so this is mostly just for light surfing

Me: laughs in you should just get a chromebook then

by Music Addict 6 days ago

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